International Working Group Visits ESS to Discuss Decommissioning Opportunities

Event on 16 October 2018

An international working group of British, German and Swedish companies and organisations visited ESS to discuss decommissioning opportunities. 

LUND – The British Embassies in Stockholm and Berlin in close collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade have recently set up a trilateral working group of British, German and Swedish companies and organisations with strong expertise in decommissioning. The group meets regularly to identify and discuss decommissioning activities across the three national markets. They have identified future decommissioning opportunities at ESS as their key target in Sweden.

The representatives of the working group met at one of their routine meetings in Malmö on 16 October 2018 and visited ESS in Lund to learn about the technical overview of the project, decommissioning plans, and future waste management opportunities. To help them understand how companies can get involved in ESS and supply goods or services, they received a presentation on the ESS procurement rules and procedures. The visit ended with a guided walking tour on the ESS construction site.
Decommissioning is a natural part of the life cycle of research infrastructures like ESS. The ESS is currently in the construction phase and is almost 48% complete. The meeting was initiated by the working group and provided a good platform to establish first contact.