In-Kind Contributions

A large portion of the ESS €1.843 B construction budget will be realised by means of In-Kind contributions from European Partners.
The IKC process explained. Click to enlarge. 
An in-kind model on the scale of ESS has never been attempted in a European Big Science project, and it will serve as a model for such projects in the future. As of December 2014, 189 organisations from 24 different countries had expressed interest in making In-Kind Contributions (IKCs) to ESS. This number has been steadily growing, and is expected to increase even further. IKCs should peak in 2017, where an estimated 30% of the project spending profile for that year will come from in-kind agreements.
As the success of ESS to a great extent depends on schedule performance, in-kind agreements are on the critical path. In total, it is estimated that more than 35% of the €1.843 B ESS construction cost will be supplied through IKCs. In 2015, work packages actively under discussion with potential partners amount to approximately €385 M, 55% of the total estimated in-kind value of ESS.