Science Support Systems

The ESS Science Support Systems include sample environment equipment, scientific laboratories and a future user office. We will provide coherent scientific service and a collaborative environment that makes neutrons more accessible, powerful and efficient to users from diverse scientific fields.

A prerequisite for a successful neutron experiment is obtaining the optimal sample, but also characterising and conditioning it properly before and during the experiment. This calls for well-equipped laboratories for sample production, handling, conditioning, characterisation and storage in the immediate vicinity of the instruments. Equally important is the possibility to manipulate the experimental conditions of the sample during the neutron investigation. A central support function with sample environment equipment is required to reliably and safely provide the physical parameters during the neutron experiment.

Science Support Systems encompasses the following seven platforms, covering instrument sample environment and support laboratories for the various scientific disciplines as well as scientific coordination and user support.


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Sample Environment Systems for High Pressure and Mechanical Processing (PREMP)
Sample environment and support for high pressure experiments and mechanical processing experiments.

Sample Environment Systems for Fluids Including Gases, Liquids and Complex Fluids (FLUCO)
Sample environment and characterization for experiments involving fluid and gaseous materials.

Sample Environment Systems for Temperature and Fields (TEFI)
Sample environment and scientific support for experiments using magnetic and electrical fields.

Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallisation (DEMAX)
Service and support for biological/chemical deuteration of samples and macromolecular crystallisation.

Sample Handling and General Use Labs (SULF)
User laboratories for sample preparation, handling, conditioning and characterization.

Sample Environment Mechatronics and Software Integration  (MESI)
Integration of sample environment and experimental equipment into ESS control systems.

Scientific Coordination and User Office (SCUO)
User access and coordination of proposals and experiments.


In addition to the collaborations within the platforms above, ESS is an institutional member of the International Society for Sample Environment.


arno.hiess [at] esss.se (Arno Hiess)