ESS Publications Portal Launched

ESS Publications Portal

ESS is pleased to announce the launch of the ESS Publications Portal - a centralised database that consolidates all scientific output from ESS affiliates. Developed collaboratively by ESS team members from the Research Coordination Office (RCO) and the Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC), the portal is a scientific knowledge hub with public access.

The recently launched Publications Portal is a repository of scientific publications produced by the ESS community. It houses all scientific endeavours produced by ESS affiliates and facilitates easy access for the wider community in a structured and accessible manner.

When ESS goes into operations, it is expected that 2-3,000 researchers per year will use the facility. The scientific output from the experiments will be in the form of scientific papers, and scientific excellence will be measured by the quantity and quality of those publications. One of the core principles of ESS is that neutron users performing research at the ESS instruments will publish the results of the research conducted for other scientists to use. All such publications stemming from research at ESS will be accessible through the ESS Publications Portal.

Although ESS is not yet in operations, ESS researchers have been actively producing scientific content since 2007. Currently, ESS boasts over 1,500 scientific records, with many articles published in leading journals. These contributions are making a tangible impact, being collectively cited more than three times a day. As ESS approaches Steady State Operations, it is anticipated that these figures will grow exponentially.

Visitors to the portal can expect to find an array of Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings authored by ESS-affiliated individuals. It's important to note that works published prior to the authors' affiliation with ESS are excluded. For authors with an ORCID account, their full catalogue of works is accessible with their permission through a simple click on the green dot next to their names.

Looking ahead, the portal aims to include a 'communities feature' for each instrument, providing an overview of the scientific output associated with each instrument. Plans are also in the works to incorporate bibliometric analytics, such as PlumX metrics, further enriching the user experience. Although the portal is in its initial phase, it lays the groundwork for a dynamic and evolving platform.

The ESS Publications Portal is accessible via a link in the top right corner of the website. New content will be added regularly.


Example of what an entry on the ESS Publications Portal looks like, with the full article available as a PDF.

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