Photos & Images

Below you will find downloadable visualisations of the future ESS facility, the ESS logo, and other illustrative materials.

ESS Architectural Design 

The 2014 ESS Conventional Facilities Division visualisations can be downloaded using this link or by clicking the individual images below. More comprehensive information can be found on the Architecture & Design page.
*Please review our Terms of Usage before using images from this website. 

The winners of the ESS Architectural Design contest are Team Henning Larsen Architects, a Copenhagen-based consortium. Below are some of the preliminary conceptual design images of the project. Click an image to enlarge and download. When using these images, please credit ESS/Team Henning Larsen Architects.

What is the European Spallation Source?

A one-page interactive PDF on the basics of the ESS project.

ESS Facility and Technology Basics

An illustration of the spallation process as it will be implemented at ESS. Click to enlarge and download. The downloadable PDF is sufficient for print publications.

How ESS Works

ESS Director General John Womersley

Click image to download high-resolution file. 

Logo of the European Spallation Source 

The ESS logo may only be used to promote the European Spallation Source or to illustrate articles about the European Spallation Source. It must be used as a stand-alone logo and in its entirety. It may be used either as the ESS-blue logo on a white background or as a white logo on the ESS-blue background. ESS blue is #0094CA. For any other use, comms [at] esss.se (subject: logo%20usage%20request) (please contact ESS Communications).
Click either logo to download the full logo package as a ZIP file. The package includes both logo color schemes in the following formats: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg.

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