ESS gets a visual identity facelift

ESS flag outside our offices
The ESS flag outside our office buildings showing the updated logo.

To kick off the New Year, ESS has undergone a small facelift  - rolling out a new and improved visual identity! Apart from some tweaks to our logo and colour palettes, we are updating our official fonts, and now also have a new website address and new email addresses which reflect the nature of the enormous, collaborative European project that is ESS.

The ESS website address will now be, while the domain of our email addresses will change to The old addresses will still work for a while, of course.


ESS logotype

Can you spot the difference?

Being a world-leading research facility brings great responsibility, but also, big opportunities. We acknowledge that, in order to better reflect who we are and who we strive to be, we need to look the part of a credible and attractive Big Science organisation, synonymous with phrases like 'enabling scientific breakthroughs', 'changing the world' and 'the sky is the limit’ – as these phrases encompass the mindset for the sustainable future we are committed to achieving.

WHAT IS Cherenkov light?
Find out more about the Cherenkov Effect in 60 seconds via Symmetry Magazine, a joint Fermilab/SLAC publication.

Our primary colour is still blue – or cyan, to be specific, inspired by the Cherenkov light, which presents as blue in water, and is emitted when a charged particle (e.g. an electron) travels through a medium, such as water, faster than light can. This phenomena, the Cherenkov effect, is named after Soviet physicist, Pavel Cherenkov, who shared the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physics for its discovery.

Our secondary colour palette includes complementary colours, like Navy, which is inspired by the sea which connects ESS host states, Denmark and Sweden; Grass ,which mirrors the lighter shades of Beech trees typical to this part of Scandinavia, symbolising hope and new beginnings, and Forest, which is often found gracing the barn doors through the region local to ESS.

The updated ESS visual identity aims to symbolise connection, harmony, balance and hope.