The 9th Meeting of the Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC9)

The CFAC is a small group of experts within large-scale infrastructure, assisting and advising ESS with construction planning.

The committee is composed of external experts trained in conventional construction, including individuals with extensive experience in designing and constructing conventional facilities and the supporting infrastructure associated with major scientific user facilities. The committee advises the Director General and provides guidance to the ESS infrastructure team on the development of the improvements to land, conventional construction, energy and utilities systems required to deliver the maximum benefit to the users.


The ESS project is supported by a number of independent advisory committees who report to the European Spallation Source ERIC Council.

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The Building Project

The European Spallation Source broke ground on a Greenfield site in 2014, but the careful planning of every aspect of the large complex has been in the works far longer, and continues today.

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