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What is ESS?

A short video explaining what the European Spallation Source (ESS) is, how it works and what it is for.

What will the ESS instruments do?

Why have 13 European countries teamed up to build a giant neutron microscope in the outskirts of Lund, Sweden? To study the smallest building blocks of the world around us, to gain a deeper understanding and to develop the materials needed in our future, sustainable society. Find out more in this video.

Science with neutrons

What are neutrons and why will we use them at ESS? Because neutrons have special properties making them a powerful tool for science. Find out more in this short video.

We will change the world

Come change the world with us.


Texts, Drugs and Dinosaurs - Neutrons Show the Way

How has science changed our lives? How will neutrons help us meet the challenges of the future? And what's it like to work in an international science facility under construction? This talk will take you on a trip through archaeology, life science and magnetism, and end up at a huge construction site.


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