Swedish Research Council Opens Call Supporting Accessibility to Infrastructures

Research at work in a Research Infrastructure environment

The Swedish Research Council (VR) has opened a call for 'Grant for Accessibility to Infrastructure', available to the Swedish community. In order for us to prepare letters of support for applications for this grant, ESS asks applicants to provide us with draft applications by August 7.

The Grant for Accessibility to Infrastructure is available to the Swedish community for engagement with ESS, MAX IV Laboratory and/or SciLifeLab. Closing date for the call is August 25. You can read more on the VR website.

VR requests a letter of support from the infrastructure. In order to prepare letters of support, we ask all applicants who are developing an application concerning ESS to provide us with draft applications no later than August 7. Send the drafts to EUprojects@ess.eu. We appreciate that the applications will not be in their final form on this date, but we ask you to look at the VR specifications for the support letter, and make sure to provide us with enough information to answer these questions in a satisfactory way. We will send the letters of support directly to VR.

ESS welcomes this opportunity for extended engagement between ESS and the Swedish research community, and for reaching new user groups in industry and the public sector. We look forward to new and deepened collaborations as a part of this grant. Please contact us well ahead of the deadline to discuss your proposal with us, making sure it aligns with our planning so as to give it the best possible chances.

More information and how to apply

You can read more about the VR call and how to how to apply on the VR website:
Grant for accessibility to Infrastructure on VR website.

Contact ESS and send your draft application, no later than August 7, to EUprojects@ess.eu.