Joint ESS - MAX IV Science Talks continue in 2021

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The popular Science colloquium series, co-organised by MAX IV Laboratory & ESS, have continued in 2021, though currently in webcast format. We will provide information on this page about upcoming talks and how you can attend.

The aim of these colloquia is to bring the science made possible by neutrons and synchrotron radiation into focus, and to bring people at ESS and MAX IV and the local science community together. They are held one Wednesday afternoon per month, and will be web-based for now.

Jeffrey M Warren, Senior Staff Scientist Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Jeffrey M Warren, Senior Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA


One recently took place on13 October 2021 where the topic was 'Climate change, roots and neutrons - is there a link?'
As climate continues to change and extreme events become more frequent, it is increasingly imperative to improve the predictive capacity of our earth system models. While some terrestrial ecosystem processes such as photosynthesis are well represented in models, others such as those related to soils and roots are often treated as black boxes. Here, we explore the current capacity of neutron imaging to provide insight into root function, specifically plant-soil water relations. Then we introduce advanced techniques that may provide novel breakthroughs in resolving root and soil dynamics in the future.

The colloquium was held by Jeffrey M Warren, Senior Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

You can watch a recording of the colloquium here.

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Apr 2020     Kristina Edström, Uppsala University: Batteries for a Climate Neutral Society
May 2020   Thomas Hellweg,  Bielefeld UniversitySmart Microgels: Structure, Properties & Potential Applications
Jun 2020    Poul Nissen, Aarhus University: Micro-management of Amino Acid Transporters
Jan 2021    Professor Regine Willumeit-Römer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht: Biodegradable magnesium implants: ready to use or fake news?
Mar 2021  Professor Kristine Niss, Roskilde University, Denmark: Ionic liquids – does time and distance interact?
April 2021 Professor Joachim Schnadt, The MAX-IV Laboratory, Lund University – What’s inside? Atomic layer deposition studied in real time
May 2021 Professor Martin Müller, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon and Kiel University – Wood, silk and spider attachment hairs - Hierarchically structured biomaterials investigated with X-rays and neutrons