Webinars to showcase the vast potential of ESS Neutron Methods

Electronics engineer at work
Production of electronic components at a high-tech factory. Credit: Freepix/Nikita Buida 

If you missed last year's batch of Accelerate 2020 webinars where ESS experts talked about the state-of-the-art neutron methods that will be available here, and the value this will provide to both industry & academia, you are welcome to watch recording of the talks  - links available below.

The  four webinars explored four distinct topics. (Note: all webinars will be made available on this page afterwards if you do not manage to attend.)


Neutrons: A Natural Tool for Industrial Research – Dr. Andrew Jackson

This talk gives an overview of why we choose to study materials with neutrons, how we generate neutron beams, and what types of measurements are possible. Examples of applications from a broad spectrum of industrial research will be presented, with a view to both giving an opportunity for discussion and as an introduction to the rest of the seminars in the series.

Read Andrew Jackson's biography.
Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Nanoscale to Microscale Structural Analysis with Neutrons – Dr. Judith Houston

This talk includes numerous examples from the literature aiming to highlight the versatility of neutron scattering for industrial applications, from understanding the structure of food or packaging to demonstrating the flexibility of neutrons to study processing techniques. 
Read Judith Houston's biography.
Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Neutron protein crystallography reveals molecular details of inhibitor binding to clinical targets – Dr. Zöe Fisher

Combining the unique information from neutron crystallography with high resolution X-ray crystallography, it is then possible to obtain a complete and accurate view of the interactions that drive ligand binding. This talk will include examples from the literature on where this strategy was employed to investigate novel compounds binding to a cancer metastasis marker, and clinically used protease inhibitors to HIV protease. 
Read Zöe Fisher's biography.
Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Non-destructive testing with neutrons: Revealing (micro-) structural properties and providing unique contrast inside large samples and assembled components - Dr. Robin Woracek

This presentation summarises the most important neutron characterisation tools for the study of engineering materials and components, and beyond that will aim to spark ideas on how neutrons can help to solve open questions and problems that you are currently facing in your industry.
Read Robin Woracek's biography.
Watch a recording of the webinar here.


ACCELERATE is a Horizon 2020 project, supporting the long-term sustainability of large-scale research infrastructures (RIs) through the development of policies and legal and administrative tools for a more effective management and operation of RIs, with a special focus on ERICs and CERIC in particular. A major focus is on capacity building to develop current and future RIs’ staff competences in the field of management, Industrial Liaison and Technology Transfer.