President of Estonia Alar Karis visits ESS

Welcome Estonia
ESS Director General Helmut Schober welcomes the President of Estonia, Alar Karis, to ESS. On the left, Ambassador of Estonia to Sweden, Toomas Lukk. All images: Ulrika Hammarlund/ESS

LUND, APRIL 4 – President of Estonia Alar Karis visited the ESS research facility in Lund, Sweden, accompanied by the Ambassador of Estonia to Sweden Toomas Lukk, Governor of Region Skåne Anneli Hulthén, representatives from Invest in Skåne, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from Estonian businesses and academia.

Welcome handshake

President Karis was greeted by members of the ESS Executive Team Giovanna Fragneto, Science Director, and Kevin Jones, Technical Director.

The visit to ESS was part of the Estonian delegation’s two-day visit to Sweden in the Lund-Malmö region, including a visit to MAX IV Laboratory.

ESS DG opening

DG Helmut Schober addresses the high-level visitors and ESS Management  in the atrium at ESS Main Building.


ESS Director General Helmut Schober hosted the State visit, with Directors of Science and Technology. During a tour of the site, the Estonian President and delegation had the opportunity to see the progress in the construction of the facility, including some of the Estonian in-kind deliveries already in place on the ESS site.

Estonia is one of the thirteen ESS member states and has made significant contributions towards the realisation of ESS. Estonian in-kind deliveries to ESS include several technical solutions for the ESS timing system, beam positioning and modulators, contributions towards the integrated control system of ESS, including software and hardware, cyber-security and various pieces of equipment for the ESS user labs, such as radiological materials glove boxes.

President closing remarks

President Alar Karis giving his closing remarks.

Estonian delegation

Part of the Estonian delegation in front of the ESS Target building.

A veterinarian and molecular biologist by background, President Karis, shared his praise for the ESS organisation in his closing remarks: “It is an amazing facility that you are building here, and we are happy to be part of this adventure. We look forward to 2027 and beyond for the continuation of our collaboration.”

Director General Helmut Schober expressed his appreciation in receiving President Karis and his delegation and emphasised the value of strengthening the collaboration between Estonia and ESS:

“We are grateful that Estonia is a member state of ESS and your visit is an enormous honour for us. We look forward to the scientific collaborations and to growing the industrial contacts that have been initiated today.”

Estonia on site

From left, President Alar Karis, Janne Kendla, Head of Economic Affairs Section, Embassy of Estonia in Stockholm, Ambassador of Estonia to Sweden Toomas Lukk and ESS DG Helmut Schober taking a break after the site tour.

Estonian glovebox

Monika Hartl, Group leader for the ESS User Labs, demonstrates the use of radioactive materials glovebox, an in-kind delivery from Estonia.

ICS presentation

Henrik Carling, Division Head of the ESS Integrated Control System, illustrates highlights of the ESS technology, partly delivered through Estonian in-kind contributions.