Second HighNESS/LENS Workshop on UC and VC Neutron Sources

Group photo HighNESS
Participants of the HighNESS/LENS workshop on Ultra Cold and Very Cold Neutron sources gather outside the ESS facility, united in their commitment to advancing scientific research.

Last week, the second HighNESS/LENS workshop on Ultra Cold and Very Cold Neutron sources was held at ESS. The workshop drew over 50 participants from 21 different countries who are interested in the ongoing developments at ESS.

Valentina Santoro

ESS Scientist Valentina Santoro speaking at the workshop.

This event was a follow-up to last year's workshop, which brought together experts from various laboratories and universities to propose and discuss ideas and challenges related to the development of these sources at ESS. Over the past year, the HighNESS team, led by ESS Scientist Valentina Santoro, has been dedicated to advancing these ideas and has now reached the conceptual design stage.

The primary objective of the recent workshop was to discuss the finalised concepts and gather feedback from the community. The insights and outcomes from this workshop will be documented and published as part of the final deliverable of the HighNESS project, scheduled for release at the end of September this year.

"The HighNESS project has received tremendous support from the UCN/VNC community, as evidenced by the global participation in the workshop. It's truly inspiring to see people from such diverse corners of the world coming together to support this initiative", says Valentina Santoro, leader of the HighNESS project and a scientist at ESS.

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