ERIC Forum 2.0 – Synergies for European Research

ERIC Forum
ESS members of the ERIC forum, from left to right: Jörgen Larsson, Serkan Ücer, Christine Darve, Charlotte Hartelius Klaar, Karin Börjesson, DG Helmut Schober, Pia Kinhult and Martha Dadson. Image: Ulrika Hammarlund/ESS

Last month, the European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs) gathered online to launch the ERIC Forum 2 (EF2). The EU-funded project follows the successful set-up and implementation of the ERIC Forum (2019 to 2022), aiming at consolidating its achievements and expand coordination and cooperation among the ERICs.

ESS, as one of the first organisation to be granted the status of ERIC, has been part of the forum since its inception, championing, together with the other ERICs, the importance of this innovative legal framework to enable scientific research across Europe.

The ERIC Forum 2.0 Project aims to structure the cooperation between ERICs, support the implementation of the ERIC Regulation and ERICs services, and consolidate the integration of the ERICs in the European Research Area by deepening the ERIC Forum’s contribution to research policies.

To reach its objectives, the project relies on a multi-disciplinary consortium involving all identified ERICs, both multi- and single-sited, and representing the five science clusters of the ERICs.

Charlotte Hartelius Klaar, Administration Programme Manager and Coordinator for the ERIC Forum for ESS: 

“We look forward to our collaboration with the other ERICs to work together on the next step of the implementation of the ERIC regulations in the different countries. Our collaboration will be instrumental in creating the best possible conditions to enable ground-breaking research.”

The project is structured in four thematic pillars: 1) Monitoring and Reporting, 2) Reinforcing European research infrastructure policy and international cooperation; 3) Implementing the ERIC Regulation, strengthening capacities and identifying possible shared resources; 4) Coordinating the project, ERIC Forum Executive Board secretariat and communication.

The activities carried out within the project will ensure the implementation of specific results on three key target groups:

  • ERICs and ERICs-to-be, in order to increase their knowledge and propose solutions for key aspects of the ERIC Regulation implementation;
  • policy-makers and stakeholders by setting-up and managing the new ERIC Forum monitoring and reporting platform, thus ensuring an easy access to updated and consolidated data and information about the ERICs, as well a further strengthened role in the European science policy;
  • users, as the project will investigate the sustainability and access of its services, as well as address the challenges related to the commercial aspects of service provision.

Helmut Schober, ESS Director General:

“ESS reaffirms its commitment to the ERIC framework by actively contributing to the ERIC Forum 2 to strengthen our collaboration, address critical challenges and develop best practices for the benefit of present and future research infrastructures in Europe.”

The ERIC Forum 2.0 Project is a part of Horizon Europe receiving a grant from European Research Executive Agency (REA).
ESS participates in the ERIC Forum 2.0 Project by contributing to the major part of the 20 Work Packages and specifically by leading Work Package 9 “Capacity-building programme for ERICs personnel upskilling”. The project has a duration of 48 months starting on September 1st, 2023.

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