Research for Europe's Energy Future - The FlexRICAN project kicks off at ESS

FlexRICAN group photo
Participants at the FlexRICAN kick-off meeting at ESS. Image: Ulrika Hammarlund/ESS

The beneficiaries of the EU Horizon-funded Flexibility in RIs for global CArbon Neutrality (FlexRICAN) project inaugurated the project's launch during a kick-off meeting held on March 11-12 at ESS.

DG Helmut Schober at FlexRICAN kick-off

Director General Helmut Schober gave a brief overview of ESS at the FlexRICAN kick-off.

Image: Leyla Abdullayeva/ESS

The 3-year FlexRICAN project, coordinated by ESS, has the ambitious goal of revolutionising energy consumption patterns within large research infrastructures across Europe. By harnessing the diverse expertise and resources of its partners, the project endeavours to develop sustainable energy solutions that will not only benefit the European grid but also local heating networks.

The kick-off meeting was attended by representatives from leading European institutions and companies including Extreme Light Infrastructure, Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, European Magnetic Field Laboratory, Stichting Radboud Universiteit, Alfa Laval and Energy Pool, along with European Commission representative Elena Garbarino.

FlexRICAN discussions

Discussions during the FlexRICAN meeting.

Image: Leyla Abdullayeva/ESS

The meeting also included  a workshop session for detailed discussions on project objectives and descriptions of work packages, during which each work package leader outlined their specific responsibilities. Five million euros FlexRICAN project is aimed at being a driving force in the adoption of innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. By validating these solutions at real infrastructural scales, FlexRICAN endeavours to contribute significantly to the long-term sustainability and resilience of Europe's energy landscape. 

For more information on the FlexRICAN project and its progress, follow the project’s LinkedIn and X pages. 

FlexRICAN site walk

A site walk showcasing the ESS facility was conducted during the FlexRICAN kick-off meeting.

Image: Leyla Abdullayeva/ESS

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