Mats Lindroos (1961-2024)

Mats Lindroos

It is with deep sadness that we share the loss of our much-esteemed friend and colleague Mats Lindroos.
Mats was an invaluable member of our organisation, contributing heavily to its establishment and developmentwith his knowledge and kindness towards everyone.

Mats received his PhD in subatomic physics from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden. He joined CERN as a research fellow in 1993 and became a staff member in the CERN accelerator organisation in 1995. While at CERN, he filled a number of diverse roles: he was responsible for PS Booster operation, served as technical coordinator at the ISOLDE nuclear physics user facility, and worked on the design of future high-intensity neutrino and nuclear physics facilities.

In 2009, when Sweden and Denmark were selected to be the host countries for ESS, Mats returned to his roots in Sweden on secondment from CERN. As one of the earliest members of the ESS organisation, he was responsible for establishing the nascent accelerator organisation as well as the Accelerator Collaboration, built on the CERN model, between major European accelerator laboratories across 10 countries to undertake the technical design of this important part of the ESS facility.  The accelerator Technical Design Update was delivered under his leadership in 2013, forming the basis for the facility now in the late stages of construction and installation. In 2014 Mats became an adjunct professor at Lund University, contributing significantly to the strong relationship between the two organisations.

In 2015 Mats formally joined the ESS organisation and led the Accelerator Division and sub-project since its inception before stepping down earlier this year due to his illness.  His visionary, collaborative approach led to the establishment of strong and enduring In-Kind partnerships with many institutions that have worked together to build the elements of the machine now being installed and tested in Lund. 

The energy and passion that he devoted to the ESS and the accelerator sub-project will be realised towards the end of the year when the accelerator construction will be finalised and commissioning begins.  Mats was a strong advocate for other novel and scientifically important potential future uses for the capabilities that ESS will deliver, engaging and connecting those interested in these initiatives to the last.

Our thoughts and sincerest condolences go out to Mats’ family and friends.

Mats will be greatly missed by all of us who had the privilege to work alongside him.