Early Works & Civil Construction 2014

Site updates from June 30 through December 31, 2014.

Week 51 — 15 December 2014
With strong winds and lots of rain over the weekend, the tunnel team spent most of Monday pumping out excess water and removing mud. The reinforcement, casting, and polishing of the middle part of the cryo-transfer line base slab was completed. The tunnel works will now take a break for the holidays, excepting ongoing maintenance to ensure the pumps are functioning properly.
Casting of the cryo-transfer line base slab.
Week 50 — 8 December 2014
In spite of excessive wind, rain, and hail, three 20-meter sections of the accelerator tunnel base slab have been cast— E08, E09, and E10—with preparations continuing on E07 and the cryo-transfer line tunnel. Thus far, 365 cubic meters, or 876 tonnes, of concrete have been cast for the tunnel. The mould for the first completed section, E10, has been removed and it is now ready for polishing. In the meantime, completed sections are covered with insulation and plastic to protect them from the cold temperatures and rain.
Accelerator tunnel base slab casting and reinforcement.
Week 49 — 1 December 2014
A milestone was reached in the ESS construction project last Tuesday, with the first casting of the accelerator base slab. The base slab is a very robust 0.75-meter-thick floor structure with built-in reinforcement. It is being built in increments of 19.6 meters, with a width of 7.6 metres. The first section was cast last week and the next two will be completed this week. Four first-aid kiosks have arrived on the site. These kiosks will be easily accessible from strategic places around the site and are equipped with stretchers and first-aid supplies.
Accelerator tunnel base slab section.
Week 48 — 24 November 2014
Placement of the steel reinforcement bars for the first segment of the accelerator tunnel's base slab has been completed, and the concrete will be poured next week. Load tests on the target building piles have begun and will continue for three weeks. The bus shelter for the new ESS bus stop has arrived at the site. From December 14, local bus 20 will stop at ESS on weekdays.
Accelerator tunnel, an overview.
Week 47 — 17 November 2014
Conditions have become very muddy, but progress is steady at the construction site. Casting of the accelerator tunnel base slab is expected to begin next week, proceeding in 20-meter increments. Assembly of the impressive grid of steel reinforcement bars, over which the tunnel’s concrete will be poured, continued this week. The casting of the tunnel’s walls will be done in the same 20-meter sections, and the plan is to have 80 meters of base slab and walls in place before the Christmas break. 
Rebar is assembled for a section of the accelerator base slab and walls.
Week 46 — 10 November 2014
Work on the accelerator tunnel continues to be the focus at the ESS site. Excavation and blinding of a 230-meter section of the tunnel is completed, and the Cryo Transfer Line (CTL) excavation and blinding should be finished next week. The CTL connects the accelerator tunnel to the future cryo compressor building,  G04. Two cranes are currently operating in the area, supporting the assembly of the steel reinforcement grids. Casting of the base slab is scheduled to start on November 25. The first walls are expected to go up in January and the vault construction will begin the following month. The old site offices have been demolished and the Target area will be prepared for piling starting in January/February 2015. A logistics area outside the construction offices, north of the parking area, is being prepared, and part of the circular road and the stretch along the tunnel has been paved with asphalt. Roads to service the buildings north of the tunnel are being prepared, and a bus stop on Partikelgatan, serving ESS, will be ready for operation on December 15th. 
The team from the Polish construction firm, Format-Lambda, setting the reinforcement for the accelerator tunnel.
Week 45 — 3 November 2014
Following the reinforcement of the ESS-Skanska contract on Monday, the first of 1200 tons of steel reinforcement bars have arrived, prelude to the casting of the accelerator tunnel’s base slab. With rumours of arctic weather around the corner, work continues apace before the winter slow-down arrives. Blinding of the first 230 meters of the accelerator tunnel is complete. Excavation for the loading bay of the HEBT (high-energy beam transport) and contingency area of the tunnel—the longest section, comprising nearly half the accelerator’s total length—has begun. The loading bay is where the accelerator’s equipment will be fed to the tunnel. An  aerial photograph from last week shows a clear view of the areas excavated for the tunnel and the target. 
Excavation of HEBT area loading bay.

Early Works 2014

Week 44 — 27 October 2014
Siteplan—Overview, Building Numbers
The weather conditions on site were favourable last week, and excavation and blinding of the accelerator tunnel is progressing. As of Friday, 90 meters have been completed, with 230 planned for this phase before casting of the base slab begins. A large crane has been installed on rails moving along the tunnel excavation area. This will be used for the heavy lifting of reinforcement and concrete blocks. Excavation works for another two buildings began last week: H01, the Central Utility Building (CUB), and  H06, the Distribution Substation for the CUB. The bicycle and walking path running along the fence northeast of the site will open for the general public in the beginning of November. Farmers may also use this as a service road. The new establishment for construction workers is ready for occupation and the blue temporary offices will be removed. Soil modification work will continue through November in order to strengthen the surface and improve the weight bearing capacities of the soil. 
Week 43 — 20 October 2014
The first concrete works have begun on the initial segment of the accelerator tunnel following the completed excavation. Concrete has been spread in a 10 cm-thin layer across the excavated area, preparing the surface for the casting of the base slab. 
Blinding of the first part of the accelerator tunnel, late October 2014
Week 42 — 13 October 2014
Work at the site was slowed down by the muddy weather conditions last week, but we are nonetheless moving into some exciting new territory. The excavation of the accelerator tunnel should be finished by the end of the month, followed by blinding, which prepares the ground for the setting of the base slab. Drier weather permitting, these concrete works will begin in earnest next week, and the casting of the base slab of the accelerator tunnel should begin by early November. Temporary offices for trade contractors are being shuffled around and expanded, opening up the Target area for preparatory excavation works. Additional work includes ongoing soil stabilisation for the experimental halls and gallery areas and the continued installation of temporary electricity.
Accelerator tunnel excavation and concrete blinding, late October 2014
Week 40 — 29 September 2014
Apart from the momentous laying of the foundation stone on October 9, significant progress has been made out on the site. The excavation of the accelerator tunnel has begun, with only a few meters to go before the bottom is reached and it is ready for blinding. In the Experimental Halls area, the excavation of less bearable material is finished and the area is being filled with modified clay. Geotechnical testing continues, as does work on the gallery building area and the aggregate terrace that will be used for construction cranes, traffic and storage.
Week 39 — 22 September 2014
The C101 group has moved from Medicon Village to their new offices on the construction site where they will be able to witness daily progress first-hand. Week 39 at the site saw continued preparations around the accelerator tunnel. Cable pipes to temporary logistic spaces along the tunnel and gallery areas have been constructed, as well as a safety barrier between the temporary logistics road and the top of the tunnel slope. Transformer station no. 2 has now been put in place. Also, one of the logistics surfaces has been prepared for the Foundation Stone Ceremony on October 9. A temporary road through the Campus area has been finished, where we have marked the future entrance to the ESS facility.
ESS/Skanska site offices, October 2014
Week 38 — 15 September 2014
A significant event passed last week on the ESS construction site: the first concrete has been poured. In this case it was for the foundation of the pumping station, a building that was also erected during the week. Excavations continued on site, especially in the Experimental Halls area, where lesser bearing soil masses are being replaced with fortifying clay material.
Week 37 — 8 September 2014
Last week at the site, geotechnical tests on various surfaces continued. The pumping station next to Target Road was prepared for concrete works, and our surveyor colleagues from Teodoliten offered a Friday barbecue for everyone working on site. As for the temporary water system, the pumping stations for the sedimentation ponds have now been put in place and the large pumps are installed. Along the site’s eastern perimeter, the Cycle Road/Gravel Road is starting to take shape, its terrace now excavated to the correct level. Additionally, ongoing work has advanced the water and sewage construction, road terrace work, and preparation of the service space around the tunnel.
Week 36 — 1 September 2014
During week 36, works proceeded according to plan at the construction site. The H05 surface has been protected until construction begins and one of the temporary sedimentation ponds in the south part of the site has been fully excavated. In order to protect slopes and finished top soil areas around the permanent ponds, grass seeds have been planted.
Week 35 — 25 August 2014
Preparing for the soon-to-start tunnel works we have constructed temporary transport roads south as well as north of the tunnel and gallery. Filling of the campus area are still ongoing. Geotechnical tests, shear tests, were conducted on different surfaces in the areas for Campus Experimental Halls and the External Media Supply Building, of which the last mentioned has been prepared for takeover in the coming weeks. Another ongoing activity was the preparation of the Groundbreaking ceremony on September 2nd, involving setting up tents and sealing off different areas of the site. As for ongoing water and sewage works, one of the teamed moved along the circular road towards the Southern Gallery Road.
Week 34 — 18 August 2014
This has been a good summer for earth-works, and the partnership between ESS and Skanska has been very busy preparing the ground all summer. Currently the site is being set up for further works and there are no visits during this time, but there will be a lot of activity as the team sets up offices for a planned move out to the site offices on October 1.
Early earthworks at the site, 22 July 2014.  PHOTO: Perry Nordeng
Week 32 — 4 August 2014
Week 32 started with pouring rain and did create some changes in excavation planning as filling and packing of pure clay is not preferable under such wet conditions. The week later continued with better weather, and planned work could continue as soon as the masses somewhat dried out. The excavation of Gallery Southern Road has now reached the area marked “Layout on hold”, which meant these works are paused halfway and machines are moved up to start the excavation of pond 4. Pond 3 excavation was finished and dressing of top soil commenced. Top surfaces for our new site office are now being prepared and cables drawn. As for water and sewage works, week 32 was the grand start. Excavation and pipe works started in the Eastern Road, from the pumping station and Target Road to the site entrance as well as in the Circular Road.
Week 31 — 28 July 2014
The weather was continuously good during most of week 31, which permitted us to continue mass transport and filling without any worries of the water content within the masses. The excavation of pond 1 and dressing of top soil around it has been completed. We have moved the temporary access road to site, including moving the gate to a new position, since the old asphalt road is to be demolished and filled up 1,5-2 m. We have also dust protected the transport roads on site, by dust binding and also by watering every dry day. We have also started to excavate both pond 3 and the external media supply buildings.
Week 30 — 21 July 2014
Just like the rest of Sweden we are blessed with wonderful summer weather – which means very good conditions for construction! On site numerous of activities are ongoing for the Early Works team. The establishment office area has now been prepared with water, sewage, drainage and electricity connections. The logistic surface within the circular road is now covered in a 420 mm thick sub- base layer of 0-90 mm fractions and the excavation of pond no 1 is completed. Furthermore, we have started preparations of the EON surface in the west part of our site, as well as for water and sewage works close to Östra vägen and pond no 3.
Week 28 — 7 July 2014
Current activities on site this week have been installation of the water and sewage system for the 2014-2019 project establishment area, excavation of pond 1, filling of the campus area as well as filling of the site parking area where the first sub-base material has been put out. The temporary establishment is now ready for use as well as the tank and refill area. Water and sewage installations for pond 1 and pond 3 outlets have been constructed. The ESS planted tree stands steady despite strong winds!
Week 27 — 30 June 2014
The temporary site establishment for preparatory works has been constructed in the future Target area. As for the ESS site establishment, excavation and filling has been a dominating activity.
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