Civil Construction 2016

Weekly site updates for the 2016 calendar year.
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Weeks 50-52 — 12 December 2016
Some highlights of the Conventional Facilities works planned for 2017: 
  • Superstructure for the E-buildings is scheduled to start this spring, once the bottom slab is completed. 
  • The Central Utility Building (H01) will be equipped with floors and facades. 
  • Topfill of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) will be completed and the external link element and roof membrane for the sedum roof on the slope and Gallery Building (G02) will commence late spring. 
  • Excavation for two new utility buildings, the Sprinkler Building (H10) and the Waste Building (H09), is scheduled for March and August, respectively. 
  • Full access to the Accelerator tunnel (G01), Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) and the Front End Building in May for technical installations.
  • Plenty of activity in the Target area.
The Monolith Puck rising inside the Target Station. PHOTOS: ESS
Beamline gallery foundations during week 50.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 49 — 05 December 2016
The installation of the Tuning Beam Dump shielding blocks continued, with scheduled completion in week 50.  Swedish public television reported on the installation. High-pressure pipe installations between the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) and the  Accelerator tunnel (G01) have begun. The final section of the Target Station (D02) Monolith base slab was cast last Tuesday, bringing this massive five-part concrete pour to an end. The first casting of the Monolith Puck, the lower puck, which is 1.5 metres thick, began on Friday. Reinforcement of the Puck’s walls continues, with the first casting planned for this week. The Beam Line Gallery (E02) is on schedule with two more base slabs cast last week, and the E04 lab building was also equipped with a base slab. 
Recent aerial photography of some of the major work areas is shown below. These photos were taken on 22 November 2016. Click on each one to view in greater detail. An aerial view of the entire site on this day is available  here.
Visible are the dogleg area of the Accelerator tunnel emerging from the ground, the Target Monolith area where base slab casting is taking place, and the Active Cells area with red ground covering.  PHOTO: Perry Nordeng/ESS
The 8,000-square-metre beamline gallery fanning out from the Target Station, and the foundation works for the 150-metre-distant instrument hall and labs.  PHOTO: Perry Nordeng/ESS
The Gallery Building (far left), the Cryo-Compressor Building (center front), and the large Central Utility Building (center rear). The small building to the far right is a completed power station.  PHOTO: Perry Nordeng/ESS
Week 48 — 28 November 2016
Progress was made on the installation of ESS-Bilbao’s specially engineered Tuning Beam Dump shielding blocks. The installation is being done by contractor BMS, supervised by the ESS Target Division, and should finish before the holiday break. The Gallery Building (G02) was a hive of MEP works covering 90 percent of the building complex. Facade works moved toward completion on the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04), as did construction of the “Dog Shed” in the outdoor gas storage area. Foundation works continue in the  Beam Line Gallery (E02), with six of 22 base slabs now cast for this 8,000-square-metre floor. And in the Target area (D02) reinforcement of the fifth and final section of the massive base slab for the Target Monolith continued. It was two years ago this week that the first concrete was cast on the site, a base slab for the Accelerator tunnel. The tunnel was completed in April 2016, 455 castings later.
The view from the Accelerator tunnel dogleg, where the installation of the beam dump shielding blocks is being performed with a crane. In the background is the orange-capped rebar outline of the Monolith "puck" and beyond that the Active Cells area.  PHOTO: ESS
Video of tuning beam dump shielding blocks installation in progress last week.  VIDEO: ESS
A portion of the labyrinth of installation tunnels and utility spaces taking shape beneath the Target Station.  PHOTO: ESS
Site workers move into position one morning last week.  PHOTO: ESS WEBCAM
Week 47 — 21 November 2016
The fourth of the five castings for the 1.6-metre-thick Monolith base slab was completed, requiring two cranes placing 280 cubic metres of concrete. In the adjacent Active Cells area the left-in-place formwork has been completed, setting the stage for further concrete works in the Target Station (D02). Foundation work for the  Beam Line Gallery (E02) and associated lab buildings has progressed with more concrete cast in that area. The overhead cranes in the  Gallery Building (G02) were tested and MEP installations continue throughout the seven halls of the large structure. Structural earthworks continue across the length of the Accelerator tunnel and the facade is being installed on the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04). Finally, commissioning of the overhead crane in the dogleg area was completed so that installation of ESS-Bilbao’s Beam Dump shielding blocks was able to begin today.
Pouring of the fourth section of the Target Monolith base slab.  PHOTO: ESS
Workers placing the shielding blocks for the Tuning Beam Dump.  PHOTO: ESS
Tuning Beam Dump shielding block being hoisted into position near the end of the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 46 — 14 November 2016
The installation galleries for the Target Station and Instrument Halls (D-buildings) reached 90 percent structural completion. These galleries are a series of tunnels that in total exceed the length of the Accelerator tunnel. Nearby, all of the walls have been cast for the D4 lab buildings. The massive topfill and reinforcement of soil, clay and gravel along the southern flank of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) continues at full force, rapidly giving shape to the facility. The extensive steel reinforcement of the Monolith base slab continues as does the installation of left-in-place structural formwork in the adjacent Active Cells area  (D02). The many various interior works for the Gallery Building (G02) continue, with all floors, facades and roofing completed. Two more base slabs have been cast in the large Beamline Gallery (E02) extending 150 metres west from the Target.
The walls of the D04 labs adjacent to the Target Station in progress.  PHOTO: ESS
Cranetop view of the western flank of the Target Station, including the 150-metre-length instrument hall.  PHOTO: ESS
An animated sequence for the planned construction of the Target Building and Experimental Halls, from August 2016 through October 2019.  SOURCE: Kajsa Pannwitz Sjöberg/Skanska
Week 45 — 7 November 2016
On Friday morning 200 specially engineered concrete shielding blocks were received at the site from in-kind partner ESS-Bilbao. This represents the project’s first major in-kind delivery to the site. The interlocking blocks are part of the Tuning Beam Dump, one of ESS-Bilbao’s six in-kind contributions to the Target sub-project. This transfer of ownership also served as the first test of ESS logistics and in-kind receiving processes and procedures, and involved coordination between ESS-Bilbao, Target, Conventional Facilities, Procurement, Legal and In-Kind Management.
Work inside and outside the Accelerator tunnel (G01) and  Gallery Building (G02) made significant progress. The soil topfill and construction of the reinforced slope that will define the exterior of the tunnel are in full swing, with completion expected before Christmas. All soil for this work is excavated directly from the site, including 120,000 cubic metres of clay. An additional 17,000 cubic metres of gravel is also required. Inside the tunnel an array of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works are in progress, including installation of compressed air lines, sprinklers, cabling and other systems. The Gallery Building saw its final floor slab cast and the completion of roofing works. A wide mix of MEP works also continues inside. The first bottom slab casting for the Instrument Beam Line Gallery (E02) was cast this week, with extensive steel reinforcement and form works progressing in the Target Monolith and Active Cells areas (D02). The reinforcement for the walls of the cylindrical Monolith can be clearly seen now on site webcam #3.
One of the eight trucks delivering 200 specially engineered concrete shielding blocks from ESS-Bilbao. Part of their in-kind contribution to the Target sub-project.  PHOTO: ESS
Crane view of the topfill and reinforced slope works taking place above the Accelerator tunnel. Left of the tunnel are the long Gallery Building and the Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Instrument Beamline Gallery taking shape (left) and the first signs of life in the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTOS: ESS
Week 44 — 31 October 2016
Commissioning of the overhead crane in the Dog Leg area of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) began. The crane will be used in the installation of the eight trucks of Beam Dump shielding blocks scheduled to arrive on site this week from ESS Bilbao. Topfill over and around the Accelerator tunnel was moving at full speed in order to complete as much of this work as possible before the ground freezes. Finishing work is ongoing in the Gallery Building’s (G02) Cryogenics Office, which will be one of the first occupied work spaces in the facility. The Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) was prepared to give ESS partial access to the gas storage area this week. Foundation works continued both in the Target area (D02, D04, D05) and the  Beam Line Gallery (E02), roof works are nearing completion on the  Central Utility Building (H01), and a new permanent road has received its first layer of asphalt, running between the Gallery Building and the Cryo-Compressor Building.
The crane rails (blue) protruding from the Dog Leg section of the Accelerator tunnel. These will be used for installation of the Beam Dump later this month.  PHOTO: ESS
The exterior windows of the Cryogenics Office in the Gallery Building. Interior finishing is proceeding here for one of the first usable facility workspaces.  PHOTO: ESS
The Central Utility Building work is moving forward, with roofing works expected to complete this month.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 43 — 24 October 2016
The second of five castings for the 1.6-meter-thick Target Monolith base slab was completed. Backfill on the Target Station installation tunnels began and walls are being cast for the D04 Lab Building. All pilings for the  Beam Line Gallery (E02) have been set and preparations are underway for casting the base slab for this large part of the facility. An overhead crane was installed at the Dog Leg area of the Accelerator tunnel to be used for Beam Dump installation, and backfill along the length of the tunnel continues. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing works continue in the Gallery Building (G02) as well as the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04), where facade works also are moving ahead. Finally, 20 kV of power has been turned on in the high-voltage substation buildings  H05 and H06, flowing underground from the Kraftringen power station.
Webcam image from October 31 shows Target Station work, Accelerator tunnel exit (with temporary green waterproofing), and the earthen slope taking shape over the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 42 — 17 October 2016
The interior of the 489-meter-long Gallery Building (G02) was buzzing with activity. As the building approaches structural completion, ongoing work includes installations for lighting, electrical grounding, and plumbing, and installations of doors, stairs, and cranes, along with floor finishing, and other finishing works including painting and dust binding. Outside the building, topfill is progressing at a rapid pace and has almost reached the roof level, with preparations begun to expand the slope, the facility’s characteristic landscape feature that will run the length of the Accelerator. Work continued on the Accelerator tunnel (G01), with notable progress toward completion of the HEBT Loading Bay through which Accelerator components will be moved into the tunnel. In the Target area, work continues on the Monolith base slab and the last of the four tower cranes has been installed. These will remain in place for the remainder of the construction of the Target Station.
Tower cranes installed for the construction of the Target Station.  PHOTO: ESS
Two views of the ongoing topfill and prep work to establish the sloped landscaping descending from the roof of the Gallery Building, over the Accelerator tunnel, to ground level.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 41 — 10 October 2016
The first of five concrete castings for the massive 1.6-meter-deep Monolith base slab took place, consolidating 60 tons of steel reinforcement. Casting of the base slab for the D04 lab building also progressed in the Target area. Concrete piling continues across the 8,000-square-meter instrument hall area (E Buildings)  west of the Target. Several instrument beamline paths are already discernible. In the Accelerator Tunnel dog leg an overhead crane is under construction to be used for installation of the Beam Dump shielding blocks by ESS Partner ESS Bilbao. Also in the tunnel, the HEBT loading bay is undergoing roofing and interior work.
Piling for the instrument halls and labs west of the Target area. Slabs should be ready and building works underway in winter 2017.  PHOTO: ESS
Where the Accelerator Tunnel meets the Target Station. Beam Dump installation will take place near the green waterproofing, and the Monolith base slab reinforcement can be seen at the far left.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 40 — 3 October 2016
Preparations for technical installations to begin next month are underway. A crane is being installed in the Dog Leg area to prepare for the November installation of ESS Bilbao’s Beam Dump shielding solution. Overhead cranes are also being installed in the Gallery Building (G02) Cold Box and Loading Hall in advance of installations in those areas. Preparations to cast the Monolith base slab are nearly complete with the first casting expected this week. The hanging of the facade of the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) progressed, with work to establish piping and duct connections between the Cryo-Transfer Line and the Accelerator and Target areas advancing as well. And backfill along the Accelerator Tunnel (G01) has moved to a more advanced stage with the reinforcement of the slope between the tunnel and the Gallery Building retaining wall. 
Reinforcement of the Target Monolith base slab to be poured this month.  PHOTO: ESS
Newly completed Gallery Building floor in section 7.  PHOTO: ESS
Facade work on the Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 39 — 26 September 2016
A permanent crane assembly was installed in each of the two halls of the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04). These cranes, mounted on rails near the ceiling, will be used for installations and future maintenance, and can operate throughout the full area of the building. The anticipated first casting of the massive Monolith base slab in the Target area has been delayed due to design changes, but the extensive reinforcement work continues. Topfill around the Front End Building (FEB) has moved forward, obscuring even more of the completed facility beneath mounds of dirt. Preparations to cast the building’s retaining wall have come nearly to completion.
New crane installed in a hall of the Cryo-Compresson Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Concrete reinforcement for the 1600 mm-thick base slab of the Target Monolith.  PHOTO: ESS
Backfill at the Front End Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 26 — 27 June 2016
The last section of retaining wall was cast for the Accelerator tunnel (G01). Stairs were installed in the emergency exits, and a stair tower in the CTL tunnel. The tower provides access to the  Gallery building (G02) Cold Box area. In G02, roofing in section 5 was completed. Internal works continue in the Cryo Control Office, including elevator installation. Ventilation work is ongoing in the two large halls of the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04). Installation of prefab culvert from G04 to the CTL gallery continues. Two of the seven 9-meter long ramps between the  Beamline Gallery (E02) and Experimental Hall 3 (E01) were cast. A Section Handover Inspection (SHIN) was performed on the completed Primary substation (H05) building.
The Last section of the retaining walls is cast for the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Prefab culvert between the Gallery building and the Cryo-Compressor Building is nearly complete.  PHOTO: ESS
Ramp between the Experimental Halls is ready for casting.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 25 — 20 June 2016
Refill continued in the Dog-Leg section and on top of the Accelerator tunnel (G01). Reinforcement work is ongoing for the drop hatch of the Front End Building (FEB). In the Gallery building (G02), steel and concrete works continue in section 6 and 8, and roof installation in section 5. For the Target building (D02), reinforcement work continues on the Monolith West base slab. Installation of the cryo culvert connecting the Gallery building and  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) is ongoing, while the bottom slab and walls are complete. The roof slabs, which will form a future removable walkway of the facility, are currently being placed. Facade work on the backside of G04 has also commenced.

Reinforcement work on the base slab of the Front End Building.  PHOTO: ESS

Facade of the Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS

Reinforcement in Monolith West.  PHOTO: ESS

Installation of removable walkway connecting the Gallery building and Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 24 — 13 June 2016
The final two vaults for stubs 21 and 22 were cast for the Accelerator Tunnel (G01). Preparations have begun to convert the drop hatch of the Front End Building (FEB) into a permanent access point to the Linac. Interior work continues in the Gallery building (G02), including installation of an elevator, and flooring in section 4. Facade work has started on the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04). For Target, one-third of the Installation Gallery works such as flooring, wall, and prefab roof castings are completed. Experimental Hall 3 (E01) received another bottom slab, and a retaining wall is being built to connect E01 and the Beamline Gallery (E02).

The Installation Galleries in Experimental Hall 2 and concrete pilings in the Beamline Gallery.  PHOTO: ESS

View of the Target building.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 23 — 6 June 2016
The steel frame was completed for the ground level building of the HEBT Loading Bay. Temporary weathering protection has been installed for the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) as it awaits facades. Preparation has also begun for the CTL connection of the Gallery building (G02) and G04. In the Target area, preparation commenced for the first section of bottom slab in Monolith West. Blinding was cast for lab buildings (D06, D07) and steel core piling continued in the Utility area. Casting of the third bottom slab in Experimental Hall 3 (E01), and first blinding of the Beamline Gallery (E02) ramp completed. Roof flashing works continue in the Central Utility Building (H01).

Overview of Gallery building and Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Steel core piling in the Utility area of Target.  PHOTO: ESS
View of Experimental Hall 3 and Beamline Gallery.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 22 — 30 May 2016
Installation of large concrete elements began in the HEBT Loading Bay of the Accelerator tunnel.  Flooring was cast in section 3 of the Gallery building (G02). Backfill is ongoing on either side of the Target building for the Experimental Halls (D01, D03). Concrete works are beginning for the ramps connecting Experimental Hall 1 (E01) and the Beamline Gallery (E02). To date, one-third of the concrete pilings are completed in the Beamline Gallery. MEP installation has also started in the Linac Hall of the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) in sections of the Gallery area and Cold box.

HEBT Loading Bay of Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS

Topfill being applied to the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS

Casting a wall for the Experimental Hall.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 21 — 23 May 2016
Reinforcement and casting work for stubs 21-26 as well as backfill from emergency exit 31 to the Front End Building (FEB) continued for the Accelerator tunnel (G01). In the Gallery building (G02), activity is underway in several areas, including finishing work in section 1 of the Cryo office, and erection of steel structures on the FEB end, and sandwich panels in sections 4 and 5. Painting has begun in the Linac Hall of the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04). Just outside the building, the gas storage area had the first section of the bottom slab cast. Excavation for ramps is ongoing in the  Beamline Gallery (E02), as well as laying of pipes in the road from Experimental Hall 3 (E01) to the circular road.

Cranes near the Front End Building of the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Cryo Compressor building ready for facade work to begin.  PHOTO: ESS
Ongoing form work at the Target station.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 20 — 16 May 2016

Work was completed for stubs 1-20 and 27 of the Accelerator tunnel (G01). Ventilation duct installation is ongoing for the cold box and loading area of the Gallery building (G02). In the Target area, refill has begun for the tunnels of the Installation Gallery in Experimental Hall 1 (D01). This included the erection of a bridge to allow access for transportation to Target across the tunnels of Experimental Hall 2 (D03). Excavation for lab building (D07) was also completed. The first flooring slab for Experimental Hall 3 (E01) was made ready for casting.

Installation of ventilation ducts in the cold box hall of the Gallery building.  PHOTO: ESS
Tower crane in the Target area.  PHOTO: ESS
First bottom slab of Experimental Hall 3 is ready for casting.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 19 — 9 May 2016
A milestone was reached in the Hot Cell area of Target with the completed casting of all 63 bored piles. Backfill is progressing in all areas around the Accelerator tunnel (G01), and steel structuring has begun for the HEBT Loading Bay. Concrete flooring is finished in the first section of the Klystron Gallery (G02), and Substations 5 and 6 are ready for refill work to begin. Installation of AcoDrain and reinforcement work for the first base slab are ongoing in Experimental Hall 3 (E01). For the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04), flooring slabs as well as the edge beam in the gas storage area were cast.

The final two of 63 large-diameter piles were cast in the Hot Cell area of Target.  PHOTO: ESS
Steel beams erected for the HEBT Loading Bay.  PHOTO: ESS
Reinforcement work for Experimental Hall 3.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 18 — 2 May 2016
The final roof slab of the Dog-Leg emergency exit of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) was cast. Interior work, including plasterboard installation and painting, is ongoing in the large  Gallery building (G02). For the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04), progress is being made on flooring reinforcement of the gas storage area, and raised access flooring in the substation section. In the Target and Experimental Halls areas, over 4,000 concrete piles are now complete. The edge beam of Experimental Hall 3 (E01) was cast, and piping for radioactive water was installed.

Structural completion of the Dog-Leg emergency exit.  PHOTO: ESS
Reinforcement works ongoing for the Cryo-Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Blinding and reinforcement for Experimental Hall 3.  PHOTO: ESS
Piping installed for Experimental Hall 3.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 17 — 25 April 2016
Reinforcement and Acodrain works progressed on the ground-level building of the HEBT Loading Bay. Preparation for base slab casting continues in the Linac Hall of the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04), as well as  the installation of roof membrane, and painting in the substation area. Experimental Hall 3 (E01) received the first blinding for the floor. At Target, 52 bored piles are completed with 8 total remaining, and one third of the concrete works are finished for the installation galleries (D01, D03) of the Target building. Pre-inspection, the step before Handover inspection and release to ESS, is currently ongoing in primary substation (H05).

Backview of the Cryo Compressor Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Reinforcement works for the ground floor of the HEBT Loading Bay.  PHOTO: ESS
Blinding laid for the flooring of Experimental Hall 3.  PHOTO: ESS

Week 16 — 18 April 2016
The HEBT Loading Bay received base-level reinforcement, and backfill operations initiated for the Dog-Leg, Front End Building (FEB), and other areas of the Accelerator tunnel. Installation of prefab metal roofing also began in the server hall section of the Central Utility Building (H01). In the  Target area, steel core piling continues in the Utility area, and 6 of 21 bored piles are complete in the Hot Cell area. Reinforcement work is progressing in  Experimental Hall 3 (E01). Excavation and cabling is ongoing nearby Distribution Substation (H06).

Backfill work around the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Installation of steel roofing in the server area of the Central Utility Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Large-diameter bored piles in the Hot Cell area of the Target station.  PHOTO: ESS
Area with concrete piling cleaned near Experimental Hall 3.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 15 — 11 April 2016
The Accelerator tunnel was structurally completed end-to-end from the FEB to the the Dog-Leg section, and celebrated during a ‘topping off’ ceremony. In the large Gallery building (G02), steel erection is ongoing, and detailed excavation is taking place in Substation 7 and 8. Reinforcement is being applied to the gas storage area of the Cryo-Compressor building (G04). In the Monolith area, all 42 large-diameter bored piles are now completed, and steel core piling has begun in the nearby Utility area. For the Target building, work continues in the Installation Galleries, with prefab top slabs installed in Experimental hall D03. Basement excavation of Substation D06 and Lab building D07 is also finished.
Final vault is cast in the Dog-Leg section to complete the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTO: ESS
Beam dump area in the Dog-Leg section.  PHOTO: ESS
Prefab work on the large Gallery building.  PHOTO: ESS
Preparation of remaining piles in the Monolith area.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 14 — 4 April 2016
The final vault of the Accelerator tunnel (G01), located in the Dog-Leg section, will be cast early this week. Prefab work is largely complete and metal roofing has been installed in the large Gallery building (G02). Casting of the floors in the Cold Box and Loading halls is underway. Preparation for blinding in Experimental Hall 3 (E01) is ongoing, and refill has begun for the adjoining lab area, E04. At the Target station, 40 of the 42 bored piles in the Monolith are complete. The Hot Cell area has all 21 concrete rings and one pile complete, with five additional piles prepared for casting.
  Refill of the emergency exits, HEBT Loading Bay, FEB and top of the Accelerator tunnel continues.  PHOTO: ESS
Side view of the 62-meter-long Dog-Leg section.  PHOTO: ESS
Preparation of the Target Hot Cell area.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 12 — 21 March 2016
An important milestone was reached this week for the Accelerator tunnel with the casting of the final roof slab, E25b, on the FEB side. The Dog-Leg section had its last major vault completed, with only one smaller vault remaining. Preparation for vault casting begins now for the Dog-Leg emergency exit. Backfill of the HEBT Loading Bay continues on the tunnel roof and emergency exits. Work is also ongoing to erect steel frames in the large Gallery building (G02), with floor casting begun in the Cold Box hall. In the Target area, 39 of the 42 bored piles as well as six piles in the Hot Cell section are completed, and in the Target building, 3 roof slabs are ready in the Experimental Halls.
The final vault of the Accelerator tunnel is cast.  PHOTO: ESS
Dog-Leg emergency exit being prepared for initial vault casting.  PHOTO: ESS
Ongoing backfill of the HEBT Loading Bay.  PHOTO: ESS
Roof slab installed in Experimental Hall 1.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 11 — 14 March 2016
Preparations of the final roof slab of the Accelerator tunnel (E25b) are underway, with casting planned for next week. Only two top slabs remain in the Dog-Leg area thereafter. The Accelerator tunnel also had its first client installation this week—a 12-meter long stainless-steel Cryo Vent Pipe. Insulation and backfill activities are progressing at the HEBT Loading Bay, whereas the nearby Gallery Building (G02) will have a first base slab of floor sections 1-3 ready for casting next week. Testing and commissioning of the ABB switchgear in the main power station (H05) continues, and installation of the facade has begun. In the Monolith area of the Target Station, 38 of the 42 bored piles are now complete, and six piles are started in the Hot Cell section. In the Target building, work is ongoing to prepare the first top slabs of the Installation Galleries. The corner foundation is ready for the later installation of the first Target crane.
Large bored piles being installed in the Monolith area of the Target Station.  PHOTO: ESS
The final roof slab of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) is prepared.  PHOTO: ESS
Insulation and backfill are applied to the HEBT Loading Bay.  PHOTO: ESS
Tests of the ABB switchgear are ongoing at main substation H05.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 9 — 29 February 2016
The large-diameter bored piling for the Monolith and Hot Cell areas of the Target Station progressed to 85% complete in spite of the difficulties of drilling through dolerite. The recent drilling of one hole took a full three days. Six of the 42 drilled piles remain. The Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) is now into roofing works, and the large Gallery (G02) and Central Utility (H01) buildings expand daily with the installation of steel and prefab concrete elements. The HEBT Loading Bay will soon disappear from site, as all repair and insulation work was finished last week and backfill will now begin. Following close behind will be the Accelerator tunnel, which now has a single roof slab left to be cast before it is complete.
Drone photo of the HEBT Loading Bay (foreground), Accelerator tunnel, Gallery Building, Cryo-Compressor Building, and the Central Utility Building (with crane). Backfill of the HEBT Loading Bay will begin this week.  PHOTO: ESS
Large-diameter bored piling rig in action (left). The Gallery Building extending east along the Accelerator tunnel.  PHOTOS: ESS
Week 8 — 22 February 2016
The complex High-Energy Beam Transport (HEBT) Loading Bay ramp that zig-zags off from the south side of the Accelerator tunnel reached substantial completion, with backfill to begin this week. Two more vault sections on the Accelerator tunnel were cast, E24b on the front end and E02b on the target end, meaning the tunnel remains on schedule to be completed March 10. Placement of precast elements and steel structure for the Gallery Building (G02) continues to progress rapidly, while facade work continues on the first two buildings to be completed,  power stations H05 and H06. The lift pit for the  first lab building, E04, is being outfitted with walls, and work on a gas storage area adjacent to the Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) has begun. The first of 21 large-diameter bored piles in the Target Station’s Hot Cell area (D02) also began last week.
Left: Stubs running along the completed sections of the Accelerator tunnel, with the completed HEBT Loading Bay ramp on the other side of the tunnel. Right: Workers building the walls for the E04 lab building lift pit.  PHOTOS: ESS
Ground-level view of the Central Utility Building.  PHOTO: ESS
Four aerial views from February 17, click for full size. Clockwise from top left: Gallery Building, Accelerator tunnel, and completed HEBT Loading Bay; Central Utility Building in progress, with smaller H06 power station to the left; concrete piling for the Experimental Halls and labs 150 meters out from the target; the Target Station in progress.  PHOTOS: Perry Nordeng
Week 7 — 15 February 2016
Work on the installation tunnels that snake beneath the Target Station proceeded rapidly, with more than 370 cubic meters of concrete placed so far. This will literally pave the way for the start of foundation works for the Target Building (D02) next month. Excavation for a tower crane was begun in preparation for construction of the large instrument hall south of the Target Station (D01), and steel core piling for the Hot Cell area was completed, with drilling for the 21 bored piles now underway. Further progress was made on the erection of the Gallery Building (G02) steel structure, with precast elements and the floor slab progressing in the existing structure. The second transformer for the main power station (H05) was delivered and is now being installed. The Accelerator tunnel (G01) is meanwhile on schedule to have a complete roof in less than three weeks.
HEBT Loading Bay (left), Accelerator tunnel (center), and Gallery Building (right) all nearing structural completion.  PHOTO: ESS
Infrastructure on the site is rapidly taking shape. Transformer for the power station (left), and some of the extensive piping works taking place across the site.  PHOTOS: ESS
The Cryo-Compressor Building, linked to the Accelerator tunnel with a tunnel of its own, already completed and buried.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 6 — 8 February 2016
Concrete piles were installed marking the paths of the long neutron beam guides that will run more than 150 meters west from the Target Station to Experimental Hall 3 (E01). Works on the foundation and basement for the nearby lab building  (E04) have progressed and concrete casting is near. Walls are now being cast for the Target Station installation tunnels, and 33 of the 42 large-diameter bored piles that will support the Monolith are complete. Work has begun on the additional 21 large piles for the Hot Cell area. The complex work for the roof of the Central Utility Building (H01), which will need to house and support exterior mechanical equipment, is now the focus there. Casting of the final concrete elements of the Accelerator tunnel (G01)—vaults, emergency exits, stubs and the retaining wall—continues steadily, while preparations have been made to begin casting the interior floor of the Gallery Building (G02).
Basement work for Experimental Halls Lab 3B (E04). In the background is the village of concrete piles for the Experimental Hall 3, where the instruments with the longest beam guides, up to 156 meters, will be housed.  PHOTO: ESS
Roof works on the Central Utility Building.  PHOTO: ESS
A first look at an ESS facade. Panels being installed on the electrical substation H06.  PHOTO: ESS
Target Station installation and service tunnels.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 5 — 1 February 2016
The walls of the Accelerator tunnel (G01) were completed on Friday, running 537 meters from the Front End Building to the Target Station. Additional progress was made on several Stubs, the tunnel backfill and retaining wall, and on casting of the tunnel’s emergency exit structures. Substantial completion of the steel structure and precast walls for the Cryo-Compressor building (G04) was reached, and installation of roof panels has begun. The Target Monolith area saw the completion of four additional large-diameter bored piles, the installation of which remains on schedule for completion by the end of March. The switchgear for the distribution substation H06 was delivered this week in the form of 38 800-kilogram units. A full roundup of construction progress to date and what to expect in 2016 was posted to the website this week.
Here is a project summary. Please refer to the site plan for building number references:
  • 12 of 23 buildings commenced.
  • 2 at finishes stage (H05 and H06).
  • 1 at structure completion, MEP to commence (G01)
  • 3 at frame and facade stage (G02, G04, H01)
  • 6 at substructure (foundation) stage (D01, D02, D03, E01, E02, E04)
  • 9 buildings due to commence Q2-Q4 2016.
  • First building completions May 2016 (H05), September 2016 (H06)
  • First access (Accelerator Division) September 2016 (G04), November 2016 (G02).
  • Target Divison to commence parallel works on site May/June 2016.
Where the Accelerator tunnel meets the Front End Building. The tunnel's 537 meters of walls were completed this week.  PHOTO: ESS
Shrinkwrapped switchgear for distribution substation H06. Thirty-eight 800-kg units were delivered this week.  PHOTO: ESS
Accelerator tunnel emergency exit under construction.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 4 — 25 January 2016
Several more castings on the Accelerator tunnel were completed, leaving only 10 meters before the walls of the tunnel meet the Front End Building. Backfill of the tunnel sides has also progressed from the Dog-Leg area to the HEBT area, with dirt already being moved onto the top of the tunnel. The first casting in the Experimental Halls (E03) area was done this week, preparing the surface for the reinforcement and base slab soon to follow. Large-diameter bored piling in the monolith area of the Target Station (D02) just got a bit harder as the drills have encountered a layer of dolerite. Twenty-five are nonetheless now completed. Interior construction and roofing continue to progress on the  Gallery Building (G02), and a major wall for the  Central Utility Building (H01) was cast this week. The next expansion of the site offices has begun in order to accommodate the growing on-site staff.
Aerial views of the site from January 18, 2016. Click to see full-size images. Clockwise from top left: Target Station piling, Gallery Building and Accelerator tunnel dog-leg, Accelerator tunnel meeting the Front End Building, and piling and blinding in the Experimental Halls (E03) area.  PHOTOS: Perry Nordeng
Week 3 — 18 January 2016
The Accelerator tunnel edged toward completion this week with the casting of vaults on the dog-leg section and section E22a near the Front End Building. This leaves about 70 meters to the Front End Building, and a 10-meter section on the Target end that will be the final vault cast. The adjacent Gallery Building (G02) moved into roofing works, with installation of interior wall panels and floor slabs underway. The Cryo-Compressor Building (G04) is taking shape with additional steel frame and precast concrete elements installed this week. In the Target monolith area, 22 of the 63 large-diameter bored piles are completed, with steel and concrete piling continuing in the adjacent areas. Walls and base slabs for the Target Station installation tunnels also continue to make steady progress.
View over the dog-leg ramp of the Accelerator tunnel and the piling works in the Target Staton area.  PHOTO: ESS
Completed Accelerator tunnel stubs at their interface with the Gallery Building retaining wall.  PHOTO: ESS
The Cryo-Compressor Building under construction.  PHOTO: ESS
Week 2 — 11 January 2016
Excavation of the first ESS laboratory building  (E04) began this week at the site of Laboratory 3B, to be located in Experimental Hall 3. Construction of the steel frame and precast concrete elements for both the  Cryo-Compressor Building (G04)  and the  Central Utility Building (H01)  has advanced, and the first two sections of the  Gallery Building (G02)  are undergoing facade and roofing work. Fourteen of the 30 concrete Stubs, which serve as the interface between the Gallery Building and the Accelerator tunnel, have now been completed. The vault for the Accelerator tunnel is now cast through  section E21 . Extension of the large retaining wall along the north side of the tunnel continues to follow in the tunnel’s wake as does the gradual backfill along the sides of the tunnel. The extensive foundation and tunnel works for the Target Station area are progressing steadily.
Facade and roofing works on the Gallery Building.  PHOTO: ESS
The Accelerator tunnel dog-leg approach to the Target Station.   PHOTO: ESS
Steel structure and prefab concrete walls for the Cryo-Compressor Building.   PHOTO: ESS
Orthographic Photo — 6 January 2016
A composite flight-scanning photo created by the site's surveying team. Click to see the full-size image (31 MB).
Week 1 — 4 January 2016
Work on the ESS construction site resumed this week with ice, snow and low temperatures. At this time last year, the first walls of the Accelerator tunnel were being prepared for casting, work had not yet begun on any of the permanent buildings, and excavation of the Target Station area was still a month away. Construction of the tunnel is now less than 50 meters from the Front End Building, several permanent buildings are in progress, with some now as far along as HVAC and facade work, and the complex piling of the Target Station is well advanced. The number of site workers has increased from around 40 to more than 200. 
Below are two aerial photographs of the ESS construction site separated by one year's time. The first photograph is from December 2014, and the second from December 2015. Click each photograph to enlarge.
The European Spallation Source site, December 2014.   PHOTO: Perry Nordeng
The European Spallation Source site, December 2015.   PHOTO: Perry Nordeng

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