Data Management and Software

The Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is responsible for the acquisition and analysis of the scientific data from the ESS neutron beam instruments.
Typical data flow for a neutron scattering experiment. Click to enlarge. IMAGE: ESS

The DMSC has been a division of ESS Science Directorate since late 2013 and its mission is to use the techniques and methods of scientific computing to facilitate, enable and advance the scientific research to be carried out on the ESS neutron beam instruments. The scope of DMSC's work ranges from instrument control and data acquisition software to data visualization, analysis, modelling and simulation. In order to do this, DMSC is structured into 4 groups:

  • Data Systems and Technologies 
  • Data Management
  • Instrument Data
  • Data Analysis and Modelling

along with the Project Coordination and Administration team.

The main offices of DMSC are currently located at Ole Maaløes Vej 3 in Copenhagen. A full listing of DMSC staff can be found here.