ESS Receives Conditional Approval for Facility in Lund

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) announced today that the European Spallation Source has the conditional approval to start the building and construction of the research facility.

The SSM released the decision today, based on the formal application and the underlying reference reports submitted by the ESS, making the case for the safe building and operation of the spallation source at the proposed site outside the city of Lund. 

The SSM approval comes with a set of conditions and requirements, which ESS must fulfill before the commissioning of the accelerator and the target can begin. “We are confident that SSM is very thorough in their review, ensuring the highest level of standards and safety,” says Peter Jacobsson, Head of Environment, Safety & Health at ESS.

This is the first step in the graded approach that SSM uses for the licensing of ESS. Apart from building the facility, the permit implies that ESS can buy, obtain or possess technical devices and other components that are designed to produce ionized radiation but not install it. The ESS will obtain further permits in the future for installation and commissioning. With its unique design and unprecedented brightness for a spallation source, ESS is one of the first large-scale research infrastructures of its kind in Sweden. “We are looking forward to working with SSM during the construction of ESS.” says Peter Jacobsson.