Integrated Control System (ICS)

The ESS Control System is a complex network of hardware, software and configuration databases that integrates the operations of all the various parts of the Accelerator, Target, Instrument and Conventional Facility infrastructures. 

It is essential for the synchronization and day-to-day running of all the equipment responsible for the production of neutrons for the experimental programs. The Integrated Control System (ICS) project manages the activities involved in the design, construction, installation and commissioning of the ESS Control System.
The “Control Box” is one of the basic technical components around which the Control System is designed. It enables maximum creativity and flexibility for development of electronics and user interfaces, while still providing a firm basis for organization so that the integration of all devices during installation and commissioning can be efficiently accomplished. Each Control Box instance runs the EPICS control system framework as well as all necessary services (timing, logging, archiving, alarms, et cetera) that will be required by the full scale Control System. This explains the name: ‘control system in a box’. 
The Control System itself is a distributed system that is organized in multiple layers. The top layer represents the human machine interfaces and high level applications that connect to the Control Box (middle layer) running the EPICS control system framework and to additional services such as the Timing, Machine Protection and archival systems. 


Angel Monera MartinezFPGA Expert
Annika NordtProtection Systems Group Leader
Daniel Piso FernandezControl System Hardware and Integration Support
Emanuele LafaceAccelerator Physicist
Henrik CarlingHead of Division
Javier Cerejo Garcia Junior Controls Engineer, PhD
Karin RathsmanAccelerator Physicist
Leandro FernandezApplications WP Leader
Manuel Zaera-SanzPLC Expert
Remy Mudingay (1/2015)Infrastructure Technology
Ricardo FernandesControl System Software Architect
Riccard AnderssonMPS, PhD
Stuart BirchPersonnel Safety System WP Leader
Thilo FriedrichSystems & Standardization Engineer, PhD
Timo KorhonenChief Engineer


ICS Consultants

Alexander  SöderqvistCosylab Consultant
Jaka BobnarCosylab Consultant
Klemen StrnišaCosylab Consultant
Miha VitorovičCosylab Consultant
Miroslav PavleskiCosylab Consultant
Niklas ClaessonCosylab Consultant
Urša RojecCosylab Consultant