Access to the ESS Site

General Information

How to get to ESS


Private vehicles and company cars are not allowed on the construction worksite. The parking area close to Odarslösvägen should be used for private vehicles and company cars. Only authorised vehicles are allowed into the construction worksite. 

The maximum speed limit for the parking area and the worksite is 30 km/h. Engines should not be left idling (Lund Municipality allows not more than one minute).


Opening hours

Opening hours (reception): 08:00 - 16.30 (Mon-Fri)

Working hours

Working hours (construction site): 06:00 – 19:00
For access to the construction site outside ordinary working hours, a request must be submitted and approved by 12:00 for works to be performed on the same day.


Parking area on site

ESS Site Access

Anyone visiting or working at ESS (offices or construction area) must sign in at the ESS Reception (please see image below)
An access card is needed to access both the construction area and the offices.

Please contact your ESS contact person to arrange an access card.
Depending on the purpose and duration of your access, you may be required to provide proof that you are authorised to perform work in Sweden.

reception map

Access to the ESS Construction Area

Access to the ESS construction area is subject to the following:

  • Before arriving at the ESS site, In-kind partners and contractors must be pre-registered.
  • Workers already registered and using ID06 access cards will be allowed to access the ESS construction area with their ID06 access cards. All other workers will be issued an ESS access card.
  • A Safety Site Induction course is required before activation of an access card. Pre-registration of attendance to the site induction shall be done at least one day prior to arrival. The registration must be done by the ESS contact person.
  • Access to the construction site will be granted, as set out in the pre-start meeting, once the safety induction has been completed and the work instructions/risk assessments have been approved by the Area Coordinator.

Access cards must be worn at all times on the construction site, and Swedish regulations governing construction site work must be followed.

Security and Physical Protection of the ESS Site

The ESS site is guarded by security personnel and monitored with the use of technical systems.

Everyone visiting or working at the ESS site must comply with the following site’s access rules:

  • Visitors and workers must visibly wear their ID cards at all times. ID cards may not be shared with other workers or visitors.
  • Everyone on the site must comply with posted signs and instructions. Visitors and workers may only enter areas for which they are authorised.
  • Security incidents must be promptly reported to either a supervisor or via the ESS incident reporting system TIA, from the Swedish "Teknisk Informationssystem om Arbetsmiljö".
  • Prohibited items:
    - It is strictly forbidden to bring chemicals, hazardous substances, explosives and radioactive material into the site area without permission.
    - It is strictly forbidden to bring drugs and weapons into the site area. Criminal actions will be reported to the police.

Failure to comply with the access rules may result in the loss of access to the site.

Information Security
You may be required to register for an ESS computer account in order to obtain access, receive training, or perform certain work on the site.
Your ESS computer account:

  • Is subject to the ESS rules for IT Equipment and Services.
  • Requires login credentials which may not be shared with anyone else.

Logistics & Deliveries

Any equipment, instrumentation, or similar that companies intend to bring to use at ESS may need to be cleared, both prior to entry into Sweden and to verify approval/suitability for use at ESS. Where this is the case, companies should notify the relevant ESS Technical Contact, who will coordinate the process from ESS’s perspective.

There will also be certain requirements regarding delivery and entry to the ESS site, which is coordinated with the ESS Logistics Group via the ESS Technical Contact. If the correct entry/delivery procedure is not followed the equipment will not be allowed to enter.

All planned deliveries to site must be pre-registered and authorised in the delivery booking system at least 48-hours in advance (two working days). All deliveries shall be coordinated through the ESS Logistics Group. If the deliveries coming to site are oversized and require the use of the primary roads they must be coordinated with the Logistics Group.

In cases where the ESS site-based unloading service is required, companies should coordinate with the ESS Logistics Group.

For further information relating to logistics at ESS please contact