ESS Code of Conduct and other Relevant Policies

ESS Core Values


We provide the world’s leading neutron science facility and world-class support for the science community. We advance the use of neutrons in science and technology by supporting and developing instrumentation and tools for the highest quality application of neutrons in research. We always aim for scientific, technical, and operational excellence in the safest environment.


We are an integral member of European society and we engage with the scientific and industrial communities to help build and operate ESS. In our everyday work and all our interactions, we seek to build and maintain relationships that create a shared sense of ownership among our stakeholders. Internally and externally we are committed to act and speak with one voice, as One ESS.


We perform our work in an open and transparent manner. In this way we build trust with our partners, our stakeholders and with each other. We are willing to collectively and directly address challenges, and celebrate success. We demonstrate on all levels, internally and externally, that we stand for what we say in the way we act.


We act and make decisions with a long-term perspective and strive to safely and responsibly use natural, human and monetary resources. We take the full life cycle of ESS into account, and view sustainability from environmental, social and economic perspectives.


ESS Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct to create a workplace where we honour our core values and enjoy an environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, national origin, sexual orientation or religion.

Victimisation and offensive behaviour, such as discrimination and harassment in any form, is unacceptable at ESS, as stated in the ESS Code of Conduct. Victimisation includes any kind of offensive behaviour, such as discrimination, bullying, social exclusion, and harassment.

 It is the obligation of everyone working at ESS to actively contribute to a good work climate and counteract all kind of offensive behaviour.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

ESS has a zero tolerance for the use of alcohol and drugs and does not permit anyone to arrive or remain at the workplace under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is to ensure a safe workplace and to prevent accidents and incidents caused by alcohol and/or use of drugs. 

Alcohol cannot be served on the ESS premises.  

In addition, unannounced alcohol and drug tests will be performed at site.

No-smoking Policy

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, on site is only allowed in designated areas equipped with ashtrays.