Hiring Process

We always conduct two interviews. The first interview focuses on the technical requirements and competences of the position, while the second interview focuses more on the behavioural competences essential for the position. We will ask you for concrete examples of situations in the past where you may have had to demonstrate these competencies.

First interview

The first interview is either an online questionnaire session, or conducted in a video meeting, or it will take place in the ESS office in Lund. An interview panel of 2-4 persons will carry out the first interview, which lasts for about one hour. Sometimes the candidate will be asked to prepare a short written presentation of himself/herself and his/her career.

Second interview and visit to Lund

Candidates selected from the first round of interviews will be invited for a second interview, which will normally be carried out over a two-day period if time-consuming international travel is required. ESS will cover your travel expenses and accommodation. The interview will be with an interview panel of 2-4 members, including a representative from Human Resources and one or more of the managers from the division that has the vacancy. Depending on the position, other staff may also take part. The interview is sometimes followed by a visit to the installations and/or the department with the vacancy. In certain cases, it may be followed by tests and security clearance.

In addition to the second interview, if you are relocating to Sweden or Denmark, you will be guided around Lund or Copenhagen or other surrounding cities by a relocation agency. You will also be scheduled for consultations on tax, pension and insurances to receive more information about the Swedish or Danish tax system. We think it is very important to give you as much information as we possibly can during this visit, for you to be able to decide about a potential employment offer and relocation.

Employment Agreement

If your application is successful and you accept our offer of employment you will receive your employment agreement and all other relevant documents. At this time you will also receive our Code of Conduct, which you can find and read here. If you are relocating, you will be given assistance by HR and the relocation agency. We will do our best to make your relocation as smooth as possible. 

We hope to welcome you soon!