Hiring Process

The hiring process at ESS may differ slightly depending on the type of position and division among other factors. The process usually consists of several or all the following steps:

  1. A first stage interview with our recruitment team, either on Zoom or our video recruitment tool, Modern Hire. You might be asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation regarding yourself and your motivation for applying to the position.
  2. A second stage, on-site interview, with our recruitment team, the interview panel, and possibly other relevant members of staff. This may include a site tour and/or a visit to the division offices. If international travel is required to participate at this stage of the interview, ESS will provide information on how to book travel and accommodation.
  3. Reference checking and/or CV verification.
  4. Depending on the type of position, we also use a personality assessment tool towards the end of the recruitment process, with a feedback session to follow.
  5. Safety and/or security checks will be performed as needed.

The interviews focus on your experiences, technical skills and personal traits and aspirations, while of course also giving you ample opportunity to find out more about ESS and the position.

If your application is successful and you accept our offer of employment, you will receive your employment agreement and all other relevant documents. At this time you will also receive our Code of Conduct.

If accepting an offer would mean relocating to Sweden or Denmark, you will be scheduled for consultations on relocation, tax, pension and insurances to provide you with an understanding of the Swedish or Danish systems. You will be given assistance from both HR and our relocation partner.

We strive towards providing as much information as we possibly can, for candidates to be able to decide on a potential employment offer and relocation, and will do our best to make your relocation as smooth as possible. 

We hope to welcome you soon!