Ongoing procurements, contract awards, forthcoming procurements, guidelines and procedures, and how to register your business profile.

Procurement Listings

View ongoing procurements, market surveys and forthcoming procurements.

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Contract Award Notices

Award notices are updated on a quarterly basis.

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ESS uses an electronic tendering system.

Visit ESS supplier portal

The system’s supplier portal is used for publishing information, sharing documentation, managing communications and receiving proposals from tenderers in connection with ESS procurement activities. Suppliers interested in ESS procurement activities can register and maintain a Business Profile in the supplier portal.

Please contact procurement for further support.

Regarding the European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/1478 of 19 August 2015 establishing the European Spallation Source as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (European Spallation Source ERIC), and as adopted by the Council of the European Spallation Source ERIC, the European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement Rules will govern procurement conducted by the Organisation.

The European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement Rules apply to all contracts for the provision of goods, works and services, concluded in writing between ESS and third parties and financed by the ESS budget.  

The European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement team has prepared guidelines for our suppliers on our procurement process.

These guidelines are available to suppliers and potential suppliers to ESS to advise and provide clarity on aspects of the procurement process. The guidelines focus on practical issues related to implementation of European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement Rules. This document [ESS-0064113] may be updated from time-to-time.

Invoices sent to ESS must contain certain mandatory information. If the invoice is incomplete or incorrect, it will be rejected.


Working on the ESS Site

ESS engages small, medium and large companies to build, operate and maintain the world's most powerful neutron source.

Companies wishing to do business with ESS must be aware of the following rules and policies to which they are subject when working on the ESS premises.
Once a company is awarded a contract with ESS, additional information will be provided, based on the work to be performed.

The information presented on these pages is subject to change as and when necessary over time. It is the responsibility of the bidder to consult the pages regularly and apply the most recent version.

Everyone working at the ESS premises (offices, construction area, laboratories) must be aware of and comply with the:

in Sweden

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Access to the      
ESS Site

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Code of Conduct
& other Policies

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Business Profiles are used by ESS to create and maintain a supplier database in order to support ESS procurement activities.

Suppliers interested in ESS business opportunities can register a Business Profile in the supplier portal. Once registered, suppliers will be able to:

  • Maintain the information in the account
  • Select business areas of interest
  • Configure notification settings
  • Access information about procurement activities
  • Register interest in procurement procedures
  • Communicate with procurement staff
  • Submit electronic tenders and documentation

Business Profiles will not serve as an accreditation to ESS nor as a pre-qualification to participate in any future ESS tender exercise.