Site & Civil Works

Beginning with a green field site today, ESS will create a world-leading research facility with an attractive and functional work environment, all housed within a significant architectural design that will make an impact on the world stage.

ESS will be a large compound including industrial and laboratory buildings, office space, and guest accommodation facilities. The ESS site will be an attractive and environmentally sustainable one, a world-class research centre with an elegant architectural design in tune with the surrounding landscape. Within this effort, also lies the ambiton to provide a pleasing workplace with attractive surroundings for employees and guest scientists.

Click here to follow weekly developments on the construction site, see the site plan, and view high-resolution aerial photos.

Another central goal of the project is to create a seamless design that allows an easy flow of people and materials throughout the compound. It should incorporate good transportation and access points, optimising the use of each building's internal space.

The ESS Conventional Facilities Division manages the design and construction of ESS facilities. The mission of the Conventional Facilities Division is to cost-effectively create an ESS campus, including buildings, landscape, and other infrastructure, that is attractive, sustainable, and functional. Conventional Facilities is also responsible for the mechanical and electrical services necessary for the proper functioning of the facility.

A note on the site: Previous archaeological excavations made in the farmland north of Lund, where the ESS construction site is located, detected early settlements indicating that the area has been populated for millennia.

An extensive programme of archaeological investigations was carried out prior to construction by a team of archaeologists managed by the Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet).