German High-level visit to ESS

Kevin explains
Technical Director Kevin Jones explaining the connection between the Klystron Gallery and the Accelerator Tunnel and the technology required to new ESS Director General Helmut Schober (left) and the German State Secretary.

ESS Director General Helmut Schober and Technical Director Kevin Jones on 4 November welcomed the German State Secretary from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Wolf-Dieter Lukas, to experience the construction progress of ESS and to discuss the way forward.

During an intensive hour the German representatives were given a guided tour of the large facility, including meeting the German nationals working at ESS. The State Secretary visited ESS together with his team and engaged in a good dialogue on the facility.

Philipp DE

Philipp Arnold, Cryogenics Group Leader, shows the cold boxes to the German delegation.

“Germany has a long and strong neutron science tradition and is a key member state of ESS, that highly contributes to the excellence of the facility” says Helmut Schober, ESS Director General. “We are pleased to see Germany’s active interest in ESS and to, in person, share our progress toward completion and that we in real life could show the State Secretary how much ESS has progressed, despite the pandemic situation the last two years.”

Arno DE

ESS Head of Scientific Activities Division, Arno Hiess, presents a split-coil cryo-magnet. It is part of the sample environment suite providing the right conditions during specific experiments, such as exploring quantum phenomena or superconductivity. Together with other systems, this state-of-the-art magnet has been obtained from and in collaboration with Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany, after the recent closure of their neutron source.

“ESS is a major investment, and a good investment, where German laboratories and scientists are working closely with the facility” says Wolf-Dieter Lukas. “ESS will be a unique and important facility when operational, not only for German scientists, but for the European science community. The strong neutron science community in Germany is looking forward to the completion of ESS.“

Katrin lab

Katrin Michel, ESS Laboratory Technician, presenting the ongoing work in the ESS labs to State Secretary Lukas. Some laboratories are already in use and tests are conducted on coatings used in Target to secure best performance and durability.

The German State Secretary and his team appreciated the progress update and the tour of the large facility, especially noting the wide international collaboration and the more than 50 nationalities represented among its employees.

During the site tour the State Secretary got the opportunity to interact with some of the German colleagues at ESS, who appreciated the interest from their native country. “This visit by the State Secretary and the German delegation was very positive”, says Katrin Michel, Laboratory Technician.