I.FAST 'Traineeship' Programme at European Accelerator Development Laboratories

Image courtesy of CERN

I.FAST, an EU-supported project, announced a 'traineeship' programme to support knowledge transfer of new component technologies between laboratories and industry.

The programme offers the opportunity for an early-career engineer or technician working at a European industrial company to work as trainee at one of the I.FAST European Accelerator Development Laboratories for a duration of two weeks to three months.

The aim of the traineeship is to put emphasis on knowledge transfer in the development, design and testing of new advanced technological components for frontline accelerator and magnet research infrastructures.

For more information on the programme, please click here.

I.FAST aims to enhance innovation in the particle accelerator community, mapping out and facilitating the development of breakthrough technologies common to multiple accelerator platforms. The project involves 49 partners, including 17 companies as co-innovation partners, to explore new alternative accelerator concepts and advanced prototyping of key technologies.
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