Sweden initiates national collaboration to increase the benefit of ESS and MAX IV

Aerial view ESS MAX IV
Aerial view of ESS and MAX IV Photo: Perry Nordeng/ESS

The Swedish Research Council is hosting an information meeting on possible Swedish in-kind contributions to ESS

On 17 December, 9.00 to 11:00, an information meeting will be held with the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) on the process forward for Swedish in-kind contributions to ESS.
The meeting will be held via zoom only and in English.

09:00 – Welcome, Mikaela Rapp, Head of the Office of ESS and MAX IV
09:05 – ESS status update and re-baselining, Andreas Schreyer, Director of Science ESS
09:20 – Update, Sweden as ESS host state, Johan Holmberg, Swedish Research Council
09:35 – The ESS in-kind process & cost book, speaker to be announced
09:50 – In-kind opportunities for partners at ESS, speaker to be announced
10:05 – Sweden’s process forward with ESS cost book and the coming call, Niklas Ottosson & Johan Holmberg, Swedish Research Council
10:20 – Short break
10:30 – Q&A and discussion
10:55 – Concluding remarks, Mikaela Rapp

Zoom link for the meeting: https://sunet.zoom.us/j/68854246188

More information on the meeting, along with some general background information on ESS and MAX IV, can be found here.

Big Science in Sweden

Large-scale research facilities are often known as “Big Science”. Around the world, these facilities contribute to great innovative power, technical development and groundbreaking research.

ESS and MAX IV are two of the world’s most advanced research facilities, giving Sweden the opportunity to create an international centre that is world-leading within materials science and life sciences.. The Office for ESS/MAX IV is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova, and is tasked to maximise Swedish benefit from the facilities.