Progress according to plan


The ESS Council convened for a hybrid meeting 9 & 10 June, with delegates representing the 13 member states in attendance.

During the meeting, ESS Director General, Helmut Schober, and other members of ESS's staff updated the ESS Council on the overall ESS status, covering progress and challenges.

ESS 2.0

The 2021 work on adjusting the updated project plan is starting to bear fruit. While ESS is in a challenging phase, we are progressing according to the new plan. The first six months of the year have been successful, as ESS continues to adjust in line with the updated plan, and is working on refocusing the organisation to capture efficiency gains in order to ensure success in the project, while minimising costs. Council recognised the progress and the dedication of ESS staff and partners. During the meeting they reconfirmed their support for the project plan and instructed ESS to continue the ongoing implementation.

As previously communicated, the 13 member states are in dialogue on the funding for the updated project plan, with the aim of having final agreement during 2022. 

The 2021 Activity Report was approved by Council and will be digitally available on the ESS website shortly.