ESS Council appoints new Science Director

Giovanna Fragneto

The ESS Council has appointed Dr Giovanna Fragneto as next ESS Science Director.

Dr Fragneto brings to ESS more than 25 years of experience acquired for the most part at the Institute Laue-Langevin (ILL) both as lead scientist in the field of Soft Condensed Matter and in the management and leadership of several programmes and initiatives. These include the responsibility for the Large-Scale Structures (LSS) at ILL, the interim lead of the Soft Matter Science and Support group and the Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter (PSCM) initiative, the newly developed L-Lab for the extraction and purification of deuterated lipid molecules.

Dr Fragneto holds a bachelor degree in Chemistry from University “Federico II” of Naples and a PhD from Oxford University, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.

“I am extremely happy to welcome Giovanna Fragneto as next Science Director and member of the Executive Board,” says ESS Director General Helmut Schober. ”In addition to her outstanding scientific track record, Dr. Fragneto brings to our organisation a vast experience in all areas relevant for running a successful user programme, from attracting new scientific communities to neutrons to providing an optimum experimental environment through innovation not only into instruments but equally into state-of-the-art science-enabling services“,  says ESS Director General Helmut Schober.

“The development of a vibrant and competitive science programme is at the heart of the ESS activities”, says Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph, Chair of the ESS Council. “The Council believes that Dr. Fragneto’s experience at the forefront of neutron science will provide a steady and inspiring leadership as the organisation transition from construction into operation activities.”