Mads Bertelsen received ENSA award

Mads B
Mads Bertelsen, DMSC

Mads Bertelsen, Computational Neutron Scattering Scientist at ESS Data Management and Software, received the ENSA Neutron Instrumentation and Innovation Award at the ongoing International Conference for Neutron Scattering in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He received the award for his work on software relating to simulations of neutron scattering instrumentation, with the simulation package McStas at its core.

Mads Bertelsen

Mads Bertelsen receiving the award at ICNS.

Mads added a tool that is used to optimise guides, drastically reducing the time needed, and developed an expansion of McStas that increases the fidelity of the simulation around the sample and sample environment area, including a visualisation tool that can generate stunning images of what happens in complex simulations. He also made a Python interface to McStas, making it simpler to handle large simulations and providing a more intuitive way for new generations of scientists to work with McStas.

Hear Mads explain the use in this clip: ENSA award interview

The ENSA Neutron Instrumentation and Innovation Award is awarded to a young scientist in recognition of ground-breaking contributions in neutron instrumentation or method innovation, thereby enabling advances in neutron science and technology.