ESS Selects Skanska as Civil Works Partner

ESS has selected Skanska as partner for the future civil works construction of the ESS research facility. The decision to begin work on the actual buildings and earthworks depends on an international agreement on financing ESS, as well as the necessary regulatory licenses all due later this spring.

Tuesday 18 February, European Spallation Source ESS AB (ESS) and Skanska will begin working together on the preparation of the civil works construction. The collaborative preparation work between ESS and Skanska is intended to enable an efficient construction start.

"The selection of Skanska as an ESS partner is an essential step forward in preparing ESS for the construction start. says James H. Yeck, ESS CEO and Director-General. “This is a very well know firm in the construction business and our joint development of construction plans is the final step in our preparations for construction."

For the civil works, ESS has chosen to enter into a partnering collaboration, in order to provide flexibility and control during the complex construction project. This means that ESS and Skanska intends to collaborate in an integrated way.

“It is exciting and an honor to be a part of the planning of a unique research environment that will place our region on the world map.” says Magnus Persson, Regional Manager, Skanska. ”We have solid experience from other large and advanced construction projects, which will be valuable in the collaboration with ESS.”

The collaborative work agreed on now will cover detailed planning and preparations for the coming civil works construction of the ESS accelerator buildings. A project management team will be built up to lead and develop the work. The real construction work will be exercised only after the final regulatory licenses and permits are in place and the full funding for ESS construction by the member countries are agreed upon.

The selection of Skanska is the result of an extensive procurement process. After a pre-qualification of interested companies, 6 companies submitted offers. Skanska’s offer was chosen as the best overall value, taking into account fees, understanding of the complexities of building a large research facility, as well as understanding of working in a partnering relationship.