Inauguration of the ESS Detector Coatings Workshop

ESS in Linköping.
The European Spallation Source (ESS) will inaugurate its new coating production unit, located in Linköping, Sweden, on November 7 in the presence of scientists, representatives of Linköping University, ESS, and the City of Linköping.
The ESS and the larger neutron science community are faced with an urgent need to find alternatives to the declining supplies of Helium-3, a key element that enables current neutron detector technology. To meet this challenge, beginning in 2010, the Detector Group at ESS and the Thin Film Physics Division at Linköping University developed a new sputter deposition process for high quality Boron-10 enriched Boron Carbide thin films. Boron-10 is a promising replacement of Helium-3. The deposition process enables a completely new type of large area neutron detector developed at the Institute Laue-Langevin within the collaborative framework of the EU-funded project CRISP. The CRISP collaboration successfully constructed a number of prototype detectors using Boron-10 thin films manufactured at Linköping University, demonstrating the viability of this new technology. A majority of the detectors planned for ESS will be based on this Boron-10-technology. Following the success of the prototype detectors ESS and Linköping University are establishing an industrial scale production capability for detector coatings near Linköping University. This is an important step for the success of the ESS project and the future of science with neutrons.

Programme of Inauguration of the ESS Detector Coatings Workshop in Linköping 
7th November 2014 
Westmansgatan 49G
582 16 Linköping 
13:30    Inauguration of Linköping Workshop
            Moderator: Dr. Carina Höglund
            Prof. Folke Sjöberg, Linköping University
            Representative for Linköpings Kommun
13:45    The European Spallation Source
            Jim Yeck, Director-general and CEO, ESS
14:00    The Relevance of Detectors for the future success of ESS
            Prof. Richard Hall-Wilton, Head of Detector Group, ESS
14:15    Neutron Detector Coatings - A Research Collaboration Success Story
            Prof. Jens Birch, Linköping University
14:30    Official Inauguration / Naming of Sputtering Machine
            Prof. Dimitri Argyriou, Director of Science, ESS
            Photo Opportunity
14:45    Q & A for Media
15:00    Reception
            Finger foods followed by coffee and cake

More information about the event is available online: