Minister Ewa Björling on visit to ESS

In a meeting on Wednesday, the Minister for International Trade and Nordic Cooperation Ewa Björling visited ESS together with several other leading politicians. The visit focused on the political support for the establishment of ESS and on the Swedish-Danish cooperation.

The Minister visited ESS in her role as Minister for Nordic Cooperation, together with the First Governor of Skåne, Mrs Pia Kinhult. During the visit, the new ESS CEO James H. Yeck presented the ESS project and the current status:

- A project such as ESS is truly a game-changer for the surrounding region, concluded James H. Yeck. Among other things, it will provide a large talent pool of skilled experts and engineers.

The meeting was held at the ESS Headquarters in Lund, with the aim of discussing the importance of political support for the establishment of ESS, and the need to build strategies for the successful establishment of ESS. The meeting highlighted the need to develop strategies on both national, regional, and local level, as well as within the Swedish-Danish cooperation. The visit was held in the framework of the so-called Öresund Delegation, a forum for discussion between the Swedish Government and politicians in Skåne about various harmonization issues relating to the Öresund integration.

As a former scientist from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Mrs Björling showed a particular interest for the potential for protein crystallography for medical research at the future ESS, and also for the recently awarded first ESS patent for a new type of neutron detectors. The ESS Science Director Dimitri Argyriou gave a briefing about these topics, highlighting the large potential both for life science at the future ESS, as well as for building up a centre for development of Boron-10 detectors around ESS.

Other leading politicians taking part in the visit included the Mayor of Lund Mats Helmfrid, the Deputy Mayor of Malmö Anja Sonesson, the 2nd Deputy Governor of Skåne Rikard Larsson. In the visit, several Directors took part, such as Jonas Rastad, the Regional Chief Executive Officer, and Mikael Stamming, the Director for Regional Development.


In the large photo above: Matti Tiirakari, ESS Director for Administration, Ewa Björling, Minister for International Trade and Nordic Cooperation, James H. Yeck, ESS CEO, Dimitri Argyriou, ESS Director for Science, Pia Kinhult, First Governor of Skåne.

In the small photo: Mats Helmfrid, Mayor of Lund, Dimitri Argyriou and Pia Kinhult.

Photos: Marianne Ekdahl