Region Skåne Recognizes ESS CEO, Colin Carlile

Region Skåne awarded Colin Carlile, ESS CEO, for his extraordinary efforts contributing to the development of Skåne.

Region Skåne, where Lund and the site of ESS are located in Southern Sweden prize was given at the annual event "Malmö Näringslivsgala" (Malmö's Trade & Industry Gala) at the opera house in Malmö.

The prize is given yearly by Region Skåne to persons, with a clear connection to Skåne, that has contributed to Skåne's development in an extraordinary way. The Region noted:

The recipient has with credibility, authority and solid scientific knowledge, combined with a unique set of communication skills, demonstrated the serious intent of aiding Scania to become an outstanding region for research and innovation. The recipient has furthermore been one of the key people behind the decision to place the research facility, ESS, in Lund.

Carlile accepted the prize in Swedish, thanking the region for its support for the project, as well all ESS staff for their hard work during the last years. He came to the region in 2007 to help lead the campaign to bring the European Spallation Source to Scandanavia. He has led the organization through the critical Pre-Construction phase as well.