Keeping a door open to future cooperation

ESS Project Director, Mark Anthony and US Ambassador to Sweden, Kenneth A. Howery.
From left: ESS Project Director, Mark Anthony and US Ambassador to Sweden, Kenneth A. Howery. Photo: ESS

As ESS takes shape, making its distinct mark on the north west Lund skyline, there is a growing interest in the project and the capabilities ESS provides in the areas of material science and life science. This week saw a visit by the US Ambassador to Sweden, Kenneth A. Howery, who received a guided tour of the facility and an overview of what ESS will offer once operational.

Co-operation and international relations are vital aspects of the ESS identity. These elements are also critical for delivering the project and helping advance science so that future generations can thrive - something made even more evident by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday’s visit from the US Ambassador to Sweden fits well with the spirit of co-operation and ESS looks forward to expanding our relationship and collaboration with US national laboratories.

“One of my priorities as ambassador is to increase scientific collaboration and I wanted to see, first-hand, the incredible science that is going to happen here as the facility comes together. It is a very impressive operation and I look forward to seeing it complete,” said Ambassador Howery, whose interest in science and curiosity about the ESS project bode well for future relations and co-operation between his country and ESS.

The visit was hosted by ESS Project Director, Mark Anthony and supported by ESS Technical Director, Kevin Jones who himself, worked many years at research infrastructures in the US, and ESS Science Director, Andreas Schreyer.

“It was very nice to meet with the US Ambassador and show him the facility. Building international cooperation is a foundation for ESS and the interest shown by the US is inspirational,” shared Mark Anthony.