Welcome to the Joint ESS – MAX IV Science Colloquium Webcast on April 15– 'Batteries for a Climate-Neutral Society'

Photograph of Kristina Edström, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University
Kristina Edström, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden, leader of Ångströms Advanced Battery Centre and co-ordinator of the European Initiative, Battery 2030+.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are temporarily shifting the popular colloquium series to a webcast format.

This month, we will hear Professor Kristina Edström tell us about front-line research into battery materials and how neutrons and X-rays play a key role in this important development. 

WEBCAST recording available here.

(Note: Recording started early so please fast-forward to 1h 2min to watch the talk.)


As always, the speaker is happy to receive questions;  e-mail your questions during the talk to sciencequestions@ess.eu and they will be addressed at the end of the seminar.

Batteries for a climate-neutral society

Achieving a climate neutral society is one of the most important missions for humanity today. Batteries are seen as a key technology to reach this goal, but which batteries? How much better can the batteries become? This lecture aims to answer these questions by showing examples of how neutron and synchrotron techniques can be employed and guide the invention of the sustainable batteries of the future.
The EU research roadmap BATTERY 2030+ will be presented as well.

Kristina Edström, Professor, Uppsala University

About the Joint ESS – MAX IV Science Colloquia
Co-organised by MAX IV Laboratory and ESS, the aim of these colloquia is to bring the science made possible by neutrons and synchrotron radiation into focus, and to bring people at ESS and MAX IV and the local science community together. They are held every month, with the venue alternating between MAX IV and ESS. Always on a Wednesday, always at 15:15 – and always with coffee and sweets served at 15:00. Due to the need for social distancing we are temporarily shifting the colloquia to a web-based platform, and although we will miss the face-to-face interaction we hope that this can attract a wider audience than usual!
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